112. His Return ( Republished)

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Note: This republished chapter shows cruel side of Tristan. There is no graphic scene but he is very mean. Read at your own risk. I might edit it to censor some parts later. I publish it due to requests of readers who don't have Radish App.

The bell rang and it was the last lesson of the day on the last day of school. Vienna collected her belongings and made her way outside the classroom. It was prom night tomorrow night and that should have been the only thing on her mind but it wasn't. That afternoon was sports afternoon and of course the drama production was happening that day in the evening. The day was still young and the students were making the most of the after school activities on their last day. Vienna wanted to take part in a bike riding competition out there on the bike path of the school that circled the premises round and round. But she was nervous about doing it. What if he saw her through the windows? Tristan wasn't a fan of risky sports for her. Once she had asked him to go bike riding instead of ice skating on their second date but he had said no and had forbidden her from bike riding ever without him. He saw it as a risk. He couldn't stand the though of her falling off her bike. It had happened before. Her bike riding coach had been sacked the next day by sancia O'Neil and Tristan still recalled the memory of her getting scraped knees as a bad memory.

The long trip to Italy had ended now. Tristan had returned two days ago alongside her father and her brothers. Vienna hadn't seen much of him. He was mostly in exam rooms when he reached school to make up for missed assessments just like all the other kids who had been on the business trip. Today was the last day for Tristan too. After today they could be reunited and there were no catch up exams to take all his time.

Vienna looked forward to the prom but she also looked forward to the the extra activities afternoon. She always loved it. As she was getting ready to set off awaiting the whistle from the bicycle society president, she found Clarisa standing behind her " Vienna. What are you doing? Tristan would get cross if he finds out. You can't ride a bike."

Vienna turned to look at Clarisa " Well. He won't find out... If he does, it will be after the race... I want to do this. I have looked forward to this race all year..." She just wanted to ride a bike. Tristan gave her choices about everything but risky activities like bike riding were out of question.

Clarisa spoke urgently " Its not worth it Vienna. Come and join me in table tennis...."

Vienna shook her head " No."

Clarisa spoke with warning behind her words "Don't say I didn't warn you if he kicks your backside for defying him..."

Then the whistle was blown and Vienna set off to Clarisa's frustration. She knew her brother was going to go berserk. He was so protective of Vienna.

Vienna smoothly and cautiously rode along the way. Nothing could go wrong in her view. She surprised herself by finishing in record time. She won with her team of four. She got herself and her team medals. After the race, the cyclists, made their way towards the cyclist changing rooms which was located in a detached building away from the main school building. But the path was blocked by warning signs of electrical systems upgrades which Vienna hadn't seen around the campus before. So the girls changed their route and made their way through another path.

As Vienna was drinking from her water bottle and walking to the changing room she noticed the surroundings " Oh my god. We can't go through here. This is not our route. It's the boys."

But it was too late, she froze and stopped walking. She found herself and the other girls surrounded by boys. A big crowd of boys from the basketball team and baseball team but her brothers or cousins or anyone on the Rosario group weren't amongst them. He didn't see Tristan but she heard him from behind her " We have trespassers on the boys sidewalks of the campus today.... Proceed. Take them to the football indoors court."

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