LXXI- Kimberly

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Everyone seated at the table was silent while Laura explained mates to Kimberly.

Indianna felt bad for Kal. He deserved someone kind, funny and with a twisted sense of humour to match his; not Kimberly who enjoyed being a bitch to people.

*If she hurts him I'll kill her,* Greyson said coldly.

*I'll help,* Harry said and Indianna jumped slightly, surprised to hear Harry's voice in her head.

Brooke caught Indianna's eye and both girls shook their heads at their mates.

"So... I'm stuck with him?" Kimberly said. "I've barely spoken to him. I don't even know his name-"

"His name is Kal," Indianna said and she looked at Kimberly with narrowed eyes. "And he is one of the funniest and kindest people I know. You don't deserve someone like him, so you better be grateful that you have him. He deserves someone nice, not you. You bully people to make yourself feel better, that's horrible. No one should have to be stuck with a person like that."

"I think your mate loves me more than she loves you," Kal said to Greyson as he walked back into the kitchen with Ace and stood by the door. Kal smiled at Indianna before turning to Kimberly, his smile dropping. "We need to talk."

"Do we?"

"What else are you going to do? Sit there surrounded by people that don't like you? Go to the shops and buy some dye for your weird coloured hair?" Kal questioned. "Actually, can you do that?"

"Kal, don't get distracted, you idiot," Ace called and rolled his eyes.

"Bring your food, it doesn't deserve to be left to go cold," Kal said and Indianna smiled to herself when she realised Kal was still holding his plate with a half eaten breakfast on.

Kimberly swallowed and slowly stood, picking up her plate as she did.

"Oh, and the ketchup," Kal added as an after thought, looking at the other not broken ketchup bottle on the table. "Bring the ketchup."

Kimberly picked up the ketchup and then Kal turned on his heel and walked off. Kimberly followed silently after him.

"Well, that was unexpected," Mac coughed.

"Of all people it had to be her," Greyson sighed.

"This might be a good thing," Laura said optimistically.

"How the hell is this a good thing?" Greyson demanded.

"Kimberly is a troubled girl, she's had a bad past, maybe Kal is what she needs to help her."

"I had a troubled past," Brooke spoke up. "And present, but you don't see me being mean to people for my own gratification."

"Everyone deals with things differently," Laura said.

"The only thing we can do is wait and see what happens and I'd rather not spend my free time talking about that girl," Kirstie said. "I've got to get ready for work."

"School started 2 hours ago, Kirst," Mark said and Kirstie nodded.

"I know," she shrugged. "The kids never do any work so why should I bother to be on time?"

"So students are right, teachers don't give a fuck about us," Greyson muttered and Kirstie flipped Greyson off before kissing Mac and then walking off.

"We should go to school as well," Brooke said and looked at Harry.

"Do you want too? After last night?" Harry questioned.

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