47. Don't hate me

Start from the beginning

You are behaving as if you dont know anything. As if you are untouched and still a virgin. As if you are a saint and still not get laid for any boy. Why the hell do you behave so innocent when you are definitely not

God knows how many you've fucked till now but i wont fuck you ever and spoil my d

oh really? you are nothing but a slut and dont you ever think that i will be slightly interested in you

god now get up and go continue your remaining drama in your room

i need to watch a p*rn now because of you. If you want you can join me

this physical pain is nothing compared to what i can do to you slut.

Do you behave the way i told you to? Comon. I'll help you remove your dress "

I dont sleep with sluts like you. I have a class.

I hate girls like you from the bottom of my heart who just ruin anyone's life by cheating on them

I know the way for your dad's downfall. I know how to remove jacob from his beloved show. I wont kill them. But I'll push them to a level they'll take their own life. You also know it will just take me five at the most ten minutes to kidnap anyone. One mistake from you and just five minutes rose. One mistake and just a call from me

Were you'll kissing when i came inside. You behave exactly like the slut you are

I even slapped her. With these hands. I slap my hand on the wall till it bleeds.




Please dont hurt me.

Please let me go

Torture me. Hit me. Kill me. Please

Please i want to meet my dad otherwise I'll go mad

Trust me alex please you have to trust me.

please let me go

please dont hurt me

" noooooooooooooooooooooooo" i screamed trying to sooth the pain out. I fell on my knees crying. Not just crying. Sobbing tearing breaking everything inside me.

How could i? How could i do this to her? She kept screaming. She kept proving. Yet i behaved like a monster with her.

God just for one stupid slap i destroyed her life. Just to hear one stupid sorry i went on a mission to break her. Just to satisfy this ass of an ego i haunted her for life. I tainted her.

She came in my life like an angel. I will never fucking accept that i fall hard for her that moment only. That first day when she knocked that coffee on my face and her smart mouth.

Rose. Rose. Rose I'm so fuckin sorry. Everytime you flinched at my touch i thought you were doing on purpose. I didn't knew never once have you been in a presence of a man

I'm so sorry rose. I never for once thought you and jacob were nothing. Those stupid stupid fucking pics.

You were an angel and i treated you like a slut. No you are not rose. You are not a slut. You are not. You were and always will be an angel.

You only loved chris right? He deserves you and you deserve a man like him. Not me. I don't even deserve to stay at your feet.
I wish you to stay happy with him.

I swear I'll be the man you wanted me to be rose. I would have turned and worshipped you if it meant you'll forgive me.

A mistake can be forgiven. And what i did was a sin. Which cannot be forget and forgiven.

I want to turn and see your face one last time before leaving but i dont deserve.

I was still in the same position when someone pat my shoulder.


I turned and saw natalie. She was crying and why was she comforting me? I got up on my feet and wipe my tears

" alex im im sor sorry. I didn't knew she'll try to end her life. I was just " she continued babbling and saying sorry but i got nothing from it.

" be clear natalie "

" those messages were written by me. I locked that door and i was the one who made it look like how you saw. I'm really sorry. This is all my fault " i can see the fear in her eyes but her words were not a surprise. I was just a fool to not trust her. I was the one who was at fault. I was the one who got misunderstood.

Rose always wanted that i be nice to everyone. " This is funny that today you are alive because of her and she is struggling for her death because of you "

" what do you mean? "

" that day when you slapped me if it wasn't for rose you would have been dead. She convinced me to spare you " as i said those words she cried more. Guilt was consuming her.

My rose is like that only. She can never think bad for her enemy also.

" Will you do one thing for me? "

" anything "

" just tell rose when she wake up that she's free. That I'm gone for foreva. That she won't ever see my face again and tell her to live a great life with chris. And to not hate me please and say her say her im im sorry " i know she will wake up. She is a very strong girl.

From the look on her face i can assume she want to ask me a lot of questions but she is scared. She just nods and i turn my back on her. 

I never ever apologise to anyone but every person faces his reality once. Rose taught me that wateva happens wateva power i have I'm an human only and i cNt get everything i want. I crave for her apology but i know i wont get it.

We people possess ao much power that we think we can do any fuckin thing and no one will question. But karma is a fuckin bitch. You will suffer in this world only.

I fell in love with the girl who will never love me back coz i made her hate me. I wanted to break her but i myself got hurt and fell in my own trap.

Every day this guilt will consume me slowly and slowly. I will crave for her touch but i won't feel it. I will crave to see her eyes but i wont get it. Her voice her touches are my only salvation which i will never get it and that's my punishment.

I just keep walking. I dont know where. Somewhere so far that even if i want to reach her i can't. I dont even deserve to see her once.

I'll love you forever rose.

Just don't hate me.

Just don't....

Ok now you won't be seeing alex for long so i want to know wat do you want for him? How do you'll want him to redeem his actions? How you'll want him to suffer?


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