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Hi, my name is Kendall Owens. I am 16, brown hair, brown eyes. I have no siblings and I only have a mom. I'm from New Jersey and there aren't a ton of people in Jersey but I kind of like it that way, I mean, there are these twins that do YouTube and vines that go to my school and everyone's all over them. I have a kind of big group of friends, 3 of which I really talk to and I'm close with. Hannah, Marie and Lilly are my closest friends. Everyone else in our group just talks to each other but we're together all the time. Getting a bit personal, my dad was never really around, he was an alcoholic and never really came home, it's just my mom and I now and I like it that way. Enough with knowing about me ahaha.
I got up and started to get ready for the day picking a black crop top, shorts and my black vans. I head to school knowing that the girls would be following me which I don't really like because I may come off as popular and stuck up but what I really am like is fun and adventurous and just wanna be left by myself sometimes, and I know someone at school is just like me.
"Here they come." I said to myself while they walk up to me
"Hey girl hey!"
"Hey sorry I'm not in the mood today, I just wanna be left alone okay?" I say
"Oh.. okay" they say together and with that they left me to myself. All of a sudden I hear 5 girls all basically scream and start fangirling at the fact that Ethan and Grayson Dolan walked into the doors of the school. I turn away trying not to face them because I'm betting that they both hate me because they don't like my friends. I'm getting my books when someone bumps into me.
"ow!" I shout out, turn around and I find out it's Ethan.
"oh!! My bad, sorry Kendall." Ethan says saying sorry about 10 times.
"What the fuck.. he knows my name??" I thought to myself.
"You okay?" He asks looking right into my eyes.
"Yeah, uh, I'm okay." I say laughing a bit.
"Talk to you later?" He asks
"Yeah, sure." I agree
I pick my things out of my locker and head to class just thinking about him... Do I like him?

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