The End of the Night

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As Chris and Darren exit the theater Chris begins to tell Darren his favorite part of the show, but Darren cuts him off, "Let's go to dinner— you can tell me all about it and all about you." Chris was caught by surprise by this comment,
"Oh— yes, I mean, sure, that sounds great,' there was something about how persistent Darren was that intrigued him. 'where would you want to go?" he finishes.
"I know a great place in Hollywood, come on, it's about a 15 minute drive." Darren tells him. Minutes later they're in Darren's car driving down Sunset Blvd. Chris reaches to turn on the radio and 'Teenage Dream' begins to play.
"Hm, this song sounds familiar." Darren says laughing. He had just sung this to Chris— or Blaine sang it to Kurt just the day before. And before he could finish his thoughts he hears Chris in the passenger seat belting out the lyrics.
"YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I'M LIVING A TEENAGE DREAM, THE WAY YOU TURN ME ON—" Darren can't help but smile as he watches Chris sing alongside him. As the song ends, they have reached the restaurant. "We're here." Darren says. Chris looks up to see where they have stopped.
"Pace? Darren, the food here is so expensive!"
Darren laughs, "Hey, don't worry about it, it's on me." Chris and Darren exit the car and enter the restaurant.
"Wow, this place is a lot fancier than I expected." Chris says in awe.
"I thought you said that you've been here before." Darren questions.
"No, I've always wanted to, but like I said, the food is expensive, or so I've heard." Chris tells him.
"Just enjoy the food, and let's get to know each other." Darren says, and they take a seat at their table.

*two hours later outside of Chris' house*

"Wow, that food was amazing." Chris says as he and Darren walk towards his front door.
"I'm glad you liked it, I had a great time." Darren replies as they reach Chris' front door.
"I did too, thanks Darren. well, goodnight, see you bright and early tomorrow morning on set." Chris says and turns to unlock his front door.
"Wait, Chris—" Darren begins to say.
"Yes?" Chris says as he turns around to face Darren. "Oh— nothing um uh nevermind." Darren murmered. Darren really, really wanted to kiss Chris but he knew that if he did there is no way Ryan wouldn't end up hearing about it. He had been told to sell a straight image, but how was he to do this when he was so in love with Chris after just meeting the guy?
"Oh, okay, goodnight.' Chris stuttered. 'See you tomorrow."
"Yeah, see you tomorrow, bye Chris.' Darren muttered and walked back to his car. 'I'm in some deep shit."

AN: Hey guys, so that was Chapter 2, I hope you all liked it, please leave comments if you enjoy it, it would be very much appreciated! 💘

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