Chapter 12 - Night clubs & demanding dances

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An amused smile played at Harry's lips as he stared back at Jace. "Yes, yes it is."

"I knew it," He cheered, clapping his hands together. "And now back to shots!"

Harry raised his hand and immediately a flustered looking bartender rushed to our tables. He ordered us three rounds and they were set in front of us a few minutes later. We each grabbed three off the tray, but Harry only took one.

"Just one?" I questioned as I took my first shot.

"Just one." He confirmed. I rolled my eyes at him and took my shot, grimacing at the taste of vodka burning down my throat, and quickly reached for my champagne to chase it down. "Chasing alcohol with alcohol, are we?"

"You're not fun," I muttered in response.

I took my next two shots, the familiar buzz of alcohol flowing through my veins. Jace stood up immediately after he finished his third, begging us all to to dance. Aaron, Alice, and I all jumped up and followed after him.

"Norah!" Harry's deep voice snapped. I turned around to find him still sitting at the table, watching me intensely. "Do not dance with anyone else."

"Then you dance with me."


I rolled my eyes as I turned away, already planning on ignoring his requests. He was the one who had wanted to come and if he wasn't going to dance with me, then I would have fun with someone else.

Jace squealed and pulled me through the mass of dancing bodies where my friends were jumping around like idiots. I giggled and started swaying my hips to the beat. Aaron's hand wrapped around my waist and pulled me to him.

As soon as he did that, I felt the need to look at Harry. I snuck a peek over my shoulder to see him glaring at me, hands clenching the edge of the table. He caught me staring and narrowed his eyes.

"Stop," He mouthed. I immediately stepped away from Aaron.

"I'm going to get more drinks," I half-yelled in his ear. I was going to need more if I had to deal with Harry's piercing green eyes all night. I quickly marched to the bar and ordered myself another shot and a mixed drink. I took the shot and carried the drink back with me to the dance floor, immediately jumping back in with my group.

"Norah!" Jace squealed, throwing an arm around my shoulder. We bounced up and down as I tried to keep my drink from spilling over the edge.

"Jace!" I cheered back, giggling drunkenly.

We danced stupidly and after a few minutes, whispering something about a cute boy across the dance floor. I winked as he waltzed away and downed the rest of my drink.

I was thoroughly drunk by now. Alice and I were both dancing around Aaron as he laughed with us. He held up his hand and I spun around beneath him, stumbling over my feet and into the arms of someone else.

"Hi!" I grinned drunkenly up at my saviour. "Thanks for catching me!"

The nice looking blonde smiled down at me warmly, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Wanna dance?"

I giggled into my hands and started swaying my hips to the beat, tossing my head back as I moved. He moved expertly against me. I threw my arms around his shoulders as the song changed. We slowed down our movements in sync.

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