22- New Demigod

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Third PoV:

"Chiron! Chiron!" A blonde teenager with a scar on his cheek hurried into the living room of the Big House where a centaur was talking with a peculiar looking teenage girl who was dressed in all black. The centaur looked up at the boy.

"Luke! I see you just got back from your quest. Is there any problem?" The blonde teenager, Luke, panted. The centaur, Chiron, looked at the lad with concern. The all black clothed teenage girl looked at the boy, gasped in shock and stood up.

"Luke?!" Luke looked at the girl, slowly recognizing her. Chiron looked at both of them and it dawned on him.

"Thalia?!" Luke hugged the girl. "You're--you're alive!" The girl, Thalia, pulled away from their hug and looked at him.

"Where is Annabeth and Grover?" Luke's face dimmed. He avoided her eyes.

"Uh... They went somewhere." Disappointment showed on Thalia's face since she wanted to see them.

"I'm sorry to disturb the happy reunion but, Luke what did you want to say?" Chiron interrupted their conversation.

"A lot of things." Luke turned to Chiron. Urgency showed in his face. "But first of all, we have a new demigod to attend to." Chiron nodded and the three of them went out of the Big House to the dining pavilion.

On the head table where usually Chiron sat, was seated a short boy who was wearing an aviator jacket. He gave off a chilly aura and was very pale. The three approached the new demigod carefully. Sensing their presence, the pale boy looked up at them.

Luke's PoV:

The demigod still gave me the chills. So far since I found him on my way back from San Francisco, he has opened up to me only once and gave me glares for the rest of the times I've tried to talk to him. What made me quite unsettled was that his eyes rested on Thalia. I wanted to lock Thalia back in the Big House again for her safety but before I could do that, Chiron began to speak.

"So, what is your name?" Chiron asked the demigod. Of course I already knew what his name was, since that was the only thing he opened up to me, but I let him answer incase he'll punch me in the face. He shifted his gaze from Thalia to Chiron.

"I'm Nico di Angelo." He said coldly. I barely heard him.

"You seem to already know the basics of being a demigod." Chiron nodded to the side of Nico where his sword was. I remembered when I first found him in an empty alley in Manhattan where he was fighting a Chimera like a pro with his pitch black sword. But when I was going to help him, he stabbed the Chimera and the sword strangely sucked its essence. I had never seen something like that but it's very suspicious. Chiron interrupted my thoughts, "Do you know who your godly parent is?" At that, Nico slowly looked up at Chiron with an ice cold gaze and looked down again.

"I don't know." It almost sounded like a whisper. All the more it made me suspicious.

"Very well. Until your parent claims you, you should be oriented about the camp. Follow me." Chiron said and transformed into a four-legged centaur. But before he could go, I grabbed his hand.

"We have to talk after." I said seriously. He nodded and led Nico to the Big House where new demigods usually got oriented. I pulled Thalia back as Nico passed in front of us since I was still suspicious about him looking at her. After they went, I felt a striking pain in my hand and I jumped away from Thalia as I held it, trying to ease the pain.

"What was that about?" I asked her. She raised her eyebrow.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking that? Why did you pull me back like I was a helpless baby?" She crossed her arms. My hand still hurt like hell but I managed to smirk.

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