What Have I Done?

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Justin's pov

I've been in jail for about 3 hours now. I finally get to make my one and only call. I decided to call Ryan.

(Ring, Ring, Ring)

Ryan: "Hello?"

Justin: "RYAN!?"

Ryan: "Justin are you okay? I heard what happened."

Justin: "Ryan how my beliebers do they even still exist?"

Ryan: "Their worried about you Justin."

Justin: "I feel like shit, I lied to them."

Ryan: "how so?"

Justin: "I told them I would never smoke again. I lied."

Ryan: "I'm not saying its okay what you did but you need to get your shit together."

Justin: "I know, I know."

Ryan: "I'll call Tara's nanny and tell her to come and get you."

Justin: "thanks, Ask her to keep Tara in the car, I don't want her to know I was in here."

Ryan: "Alright"


Ryan: "Yeah?"

Justin: "Thanks"

Ryan: "No prob bro."

(Call ended)

(3 hours later)

I had to see the judge inorder to hear whats going on. I walked in and saw My family was there and so was TMZ. Why can't I have provicy.

I went and took my sit infrount of the judge.

The judge started talk about shit. When I heard the door behind me shut. Everyone looked back and my heart fell it was Tara's nanny and her.Tara looked right into my eyes. She ran out of her nannys grip and ran into my arms. I hugged her and kissed her. She nuzzled her nose into my neck. Everyone awed and I rocked her back and forth. Then I told her to go and take  seat next to the nanny. I looked back to were Tara was sitting and I saw Chanel sitting next to her whispering things to her.

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