The Next Chapter of my Life

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I walked home I was kinda freaked out. I looked up the author on google. Nothing there was no person named that. I sighed. I opened the book. Right then words apperead on the first blank page. Its said,"Evonne tried to find out the author of the book but couldn't." Jayla gasped and dropped the book. Everything she did would pop up in the book along with her lines to.

The next morning she woke up for school. Getting dressed in a sweater and jeans she curled her brown hair and left. At school she tried to stay hidden. SHe was pretty shy. Sitting at her desk in math 10 min before the bell rang. A guy walked up. It was Austin Mahone. The most gourgeous guy in school. His brown hair fell down to his eyes. He smiled at her to show his white straight teeth. She gasped. "Hey Jayla," he said. "Um... hi austin," she whispered looking down. "How's you're day been going?" he asked. "Good.... um ... how was yours?" I said barley above a whisper. AUstin Mahone was one of the most popular guys in school. He was a baseball player and was very good. He had won the chapionchip for his team 3 time in a row. The trophies were dislayed in the case. He was smart like me. He was in all my AP classes. We had taken the ACT test together in 7th grade and in 9th grade were studing for our SAT's. He was like a idl at school. Also being the 2nd cutest guy in school (the frst was Gregory Jenkins, a total snob). He got alot of the girls. Everyoen loved him. But every since 1st garde we always kinda been somewhat friends. In elementray school he would sit by me and play with me at recess, In middle school he would stick up for me or carry my books. High school, we had every class together. He would talk to me every day before class started, once in a while if he could get away from his friends sit with me at lunch, or come hang out at my house. I was still super shy around him, but learned to break away a little. But theres one secret I've had a crush on him since 5th grade. "Coach worked us hard at practice, Mrs. Ovel gave me a B- on that plant paper," he said. I interjected,"That was really a good appaer you worked so hard on it." "I now she said," I hate 3 hole punched paper so thats why she gave me a B-," I shook my head at him. He smiled,"Hey canI come over later affter school we could walk there together." "Sure," I said making my voice a little louder,"Meet me by the fountain when the bell rings," he leaned in to say something when Jessica Hopeson (the hottest girl in school) walked in, wearing a short micromini skirt, tank top tha hugged her curves and came down a little to low and high heels. She saw me and Austin talking and narrowed her eyes. She walked over and I saw every gy turn there head and drool. One guy starred at her butt. She had been trying to get Austin ever since 7th grade when he became outrageously cute. But she never succeded. He just didn't like her type of girl. She grabbed him by the shoulders pulled him around and kissed him right in the lips. She started rubbing her body against his and she sat hm into his chair and sat on his lap. I looked down. He tryed pulling away cause he didn't like her but she made him stay. Just then Mrs. Green ur math teacher walked in and saw them to kissing. "COme on now get to you're seats." Jessica got up and sat right beside Austin. He gave her a look and turned to me,'I don't like her one bit." "I know she just wants you." I said. He smiled. After school that day I started walking on my way to fountain when I stopped in the hall Jessica was talking to Austin she kept pleading him to go out and he kept rolling his eyes and saying no. She saw me and then pushed him against the locker and started making out with him. He tried to push away but her grip held him down. She took her hands and put them up his shirt . He fell down to the ground in a sitting postion trying to push her off. She wrapped her legs around him and laid on top of him. His eyes looked at me and screamed,"Help!" I walked over and being pretty strong I ripped her off. He jumped up and glared at her. He pushed her up against the wall. "Jessica I will never like you!" He grabbed my arm and we stromed outside. The people in the wall stared at us. The guys wondering how he wouldn't of loved a kiss from Jessica the girls wishing AUstin liked them while Jessica just stared after us. We grabbed our stuff and started heading down the road. He looked at me,"Why would she do this I mean seriously shes so desprate." I thought of something and had to ask him,"Austin why don't yo like girls like that?" He looked at me," I don't like girls that make themselves desprate and already lost virginity. I want a girl whos innocent and is beautiful without any makeup or sexy clothes. A girl who's more beautiful on the inside then the out kinda like you." I could feel my self blushing and looked down. Just then i saw myself holding the book. I looked over to see Austin chatting away about Math and opened it. Words described my whole day. "Evonne saw her crush Austin Mahone in front of her if only he would notice me she thought." I quickly snapped it shut. I would not want him seeing that. Later that night after Austin had left I opened the book and wrote down,"I think now I don't just have a crush on Austin, I think I love him/" I read that sentence over and over again and knew it was true. 

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