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Chapter 7:

Pedia's POV

After lunch we drove around Melbournes finest streets and looked at the street arts, we went to Myers and looked at things and Skylar brought things and I just watched her swiping that card like she was trying on a tap. We were going back to Taylors house because we said were having late dinner around 9 or 8 pm, I know that if my mama was here she would beat my ass for eating that late

"OMG I'm in love with Migos song t-shirt," I say as the song started playing and I turn the volume up more

Mama told me (aye) not to sell work (mama)

Seventeen five, same colour T-shirt (white)

Mama told me (aye) not to sell work (mama)

Seventeen five, same color T-shirt (yeah)" I sang and starting dancing (somehow) and when the song finished Justin Bieber came on and I turned the radio off [1]. We drive back to his house in silence,

"Well I think I need to go and get my ears checked because I can hear this ping and it's still ringing," Taylor says while holding his ear

"You sound like a girl," I say

"Do you blame me? My fricken ears are ringing, I can still hear that faint ping in it" he said

"Oh my god, you talk too much, build a bridge and get over it," I said giggling

"Wow, I have never heard that one before, that's something new, I should use it on my brother" he said laughing and I join him and Sky looks at us and rolled her eyes and started texting away on her phone, the rest of the drive to the Grey mansion was really quiet, you could only hear the sounds of the KIIS that was playing sounds in the background

"Why is this driveway too long?" I asked as we pulled into his long as hallway

"I don't know, you are asking the wrong person, to be honest, you should be asking my brother that not me, I just live there for free," he says with a shrug and parks his car next to Sky's and he turns the car off and opens his door and Sky and I mirror his actions and we walk towards stairs and boi the look on my face made Sky and Taylor laugh...

"Well I don't think that anyone is home so we have the whole house to ourselves," Taylor says while opening the door

"Want any drinks or anything?" he asked as we entered. It was decorated really beautifully and somehow it felt so welcoming, unlike my home. Why is it that every time I visit someone's house it's always welcoming and mine's not? It used to be when mum was alive after she died it felt like a part of dad died with her too, after she died he stopped talking to me for about a month or so I can't remember, that is history and we should all move on from it, yah?!

"Yeah can I have water please, my throat is finna killing from all the singing I was doing, and I don't see why I didn't charge you guys for that because y'all just to experience the one and a lifetime performance for your girl," I asked as we enter the living room I think and damn this is amazing, it's not every day you meet someone who is a millionaire you know what scratch that billionaire

This is the boom dot com for sure

"This house is really massive," I say touching the pillow, hey don't judge when your girl sees something she likes, she's gonna touch, so bitch don't guide

"Just wait until you see the backyard that's the only thing I like about it along with my bedroom," Taylor says as he walks into the room holding a water bottle and a bag of chips

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