"Morning, Sleepy head." Jack said, planting a kiss on my forehead. I opened my eyes to see Jack lying under me, some point in the night I'd climbed on top of him.

            "Morning." I said sitting up, I was sat on top of him, and looked down to see he was shirtless and his abs looked gorgeous. "What did I do?" I asked when I looked at his T-shirt that was laid on the bed next to us; it was ripped into three pieces.

            "You couldn't get my top off fast enough so you ripped it off instead, it doesn't matter though, and it was an old one anyway." I ripped it! How? I'm not strong. Well in my sleep I am obviously, I can't even remember doing that.

            "I killed you top, I liked that one too. I can't even remember doing it. I'm so sorry." I didn't know what else to say, I loved that top, it was tight and it showed his muscles, oh god dam it!

            "It doesn't matter, it was kinda fun." He said pulling my face down to his as he sat up a little. He pressed his damp, soft lips to mine and leaned back taking me with him. I was on top of him completely; the heat coming off his body was immense. After a second of me being on top of him, his lips parted and our tongue's touched. It felt amazing, just being with him felt amazing. It felt and tasted amazing; his tongue tasted better with every new touch, I was completely dazed. This was our first kiss and it was glorious. His hands started to roam slowly, they went from my cheeks down to my neck, to my back, down to the bottom on my top and there they rested on my arse. His kiss began to get needy and his hands began to squeeze, I moaned with joy, it felt so good! He groaned into me, his hands started to moved back up, fast, he pulled my top up, 'we're going way too fast.' I thoughtbut I couldn't help myself, I stopped kissing him and sat on top of him while I removed my T-shirt. I looked down at him as I throw my top to the ground; I leaned forward and pressed my lips on his. He was getting needy, he throw me off him and climbed on top. He started to remove my shorts. I didn't know what to do, continue and feel joy or stop him and wait a couple of weeks before going all the way; but it was too late, my shorts were on the floor and I had my tongue back down Jack's throat. He placed on hand in my pants before removing them, it was way too late, I pushed him off and started to take his jeans off. I got them off with help from him; then to the last layer of clothing, his tight fitting, David Beckham boxers. OH MY GOD! He looked so hot with them on; I slid them down his legs as he was removing my bra. He pushed me onto my back and laid on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and sighed as he moved inside of me.

            Lying next to him, breathing deeply. Man, he went fast; Monday morning and three hours has gone by since my first kiss with Jack. I looked over to him, to see that he was smiling at the ceiling. He looked so happy. He noticed me smiling at him and just stared into my eyes. He raised his hand to my chin and pulled my lips to his. I turned onto my side and pulled him closer, we laid there, like that, on our sides for an hour or so, panting, we we're both out of breathe, especially me, because while we were laid like that, he went inside me again, it felt so good. The thing is, it was my first time of having sex, I wanted to wait till the right time and know I lay there, 'That was completely the right time' I thought, and it was, Jack's a nice guy, caring, kind, funny smart and is surface of the sun hot! He broke me in and it was amazing but who would kill me if I didn't let him. I've had a lot of Boyfriends in my time and none of them treated me like he has so far, they treated me like shit.

            We stopped panting and I caught my breath, "When do we go back to school? Isn't spring break over yet?" It was Monday and my spring break back home would be over by now; but it's different for different places.

            "No, spring break has only just started, why? Trying to get out of my grip already?" His grin that he started off with faded as he ended his sentence.

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