Chapter Eleven

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    In that moment, everything went by so fast. Before I knew it, Seth was walking down the spiral staircase. 

    I get up from James and chase after him.

   "Seth, come back! It wasn't like that!" I yell to him as tears roll down my face.

  "I don't know if I can believe you. I'm sorry." 

  And with that, he walks out my front door. The party was still going on so there were a few stares. I stood there in shock. Even though me and Seth were not an official thing, I was hoping it would come to it. 

   I stood there feeling numb. 

  I heard footsteps behind me and my first thought was James. 

   "It wasn't like that." I say softly.

   "What's wrong my dear?" 

  My body freezes. I can't move. I knew just by that old musty voice, that it was my biggest fear. My uncle. 

   "Please leave me alone." I say quietly. He made me feel so small and unimportant. 

   "Now why would I want to do that? Besides we never got to finish what we started." I could feel the warmth of his breath on my ear. 

    I wanted to scream and run but my body was frozen in fear. I could not move.

   "Excuse me? What the hell are you doing with my girlfriend?" As I look over I can see James. I was just as shocked as my uncle seemed. 

   "Nice to meet you, I'm her Uncle. So everything is okay." He says to James.

  "Yeah nice try, fucking pervert. Get the fuck out of here before I beat your ass." James says. and with that my Uncle runs off because he is a coward.

   Once me and James are alone, I thank him for playing along and getting him away from me.

    "No problem. I'm sorry about your date." He says, looking at the ground. 

   "It's fine. I'm going to talk to him tonight." I said, still sad about Seth.

 "Yeah well, I'm going to leave because this is awkward. I will see you tomorrow for work." James says, walking towards the door.

   "Alright goodnight." I say. 

   When I get up to my room, I dial Seth's number. I felt really bad for having him see that, when it really wasn't meant to be taken that way. 

  It rings for 3 times, and then it answers.

  "Hello?" A female voice greets. 

  "Umm, who is this?" I say. My heart beating fast.

 "Jennifer, Who is this?" 

   "Allison, Um, is this Seth's phone?" I say.

  "Yeah, he's just taking a shower right now." My heart drops. Had Seth been seeing another girl, while we were talking? Or did he start talking to her because things messed up with us? Overall, I was sad. 

  "Oh okay." 

  "Do you want me to let him know that you called?" She says sweetly.

 "No it's okay." I say, and with that I hung up the phone and ran to my bed where I sat up all night crying.



   When I get inside my car, my heart was beating fast. I didn't know why. 

  Maybe because tonight was such an awkward night. 

   Things felt different for me with Allison. I feel as though that I have feelings for her, which is something I don't want because I promised to never love again after last girlfriend's death. 

   I can't bottle up inside, so once I get home, I go to my desk and begin to write. 

    "Seeing her, makes the butterflies inside of flutter. I never knew that I could feel this way again, and I am scared. I am scared of the future and I am scared of rejection because I know she is seeing this Seth guy. I'm going to stay away because I do not want to get hurt again."

  Not a long chapter, but it sure was a juicy one. James confesses that he is feeling some sort of emotions towards Allison, and also struggling with a depressing past. While Seth seems to be up to no good. I will update when I can. Thanks so much for your support. When I see comments of how much you like it and wanting me to keep going, it really drives me to write more. So thanks for that! I'll see you in the next chapter. Make sure to favorite, follow and comment!



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