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Who Said Life Was Normal? (boyxboy)

A sudden beeping noise woke me from my sleep. I rolled over, groaning in annoyance at the sound. Fucking hell, it's too late for this shit! I thought, groaning again when I heard the same beeping noise. I opened my eyes, peering over at my clock as to what the time was. My eyes widened. 7:17am. I was going to be late for school. It wasn't 'too late for this' at all! I bolted out of bed, ignoring the beeping now and not caring what the hell it was. 

I rushed to get dressed, skipping a shower and barely touching my hair. I did, however, apply some eyeliner quickly before slipping my shoes on, shoving last nights homework in my bag and running downstairs. I ran into someone, falling down from the sudden impact. I landed awkwardly on the stairs, just grabbing the railing in time to stop myself from getting hurt. I looked up and gasped, the most beautiful brown eyes staring at me. What? Wait, who is this? I asked myself, frowning. No one in my family had brown eyes... Then who?

Isaac Colton has always had a normal life, going to school, coming home, eating, homework, sleeping etc. Never once stepped outside routine. Never had a reason to. So when his parents let their friends son, Kyle Emerson, stay for a while, due to a business trip that was lasting a few months, Isaacs life gets turned upsidedown, going from normal to crazy in just a few seconds. Kyle is the reason. So when Isaac finds himself falling for the guy, his life isn't just crazy, but absolutely insane!

A/N: New story I'm thinking of doing. Here's a sorta sneak peek I guess. I don't know. Anyway, enojy! 

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