EXTRA 01: Roses

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Hello! I decided to write a quick, fluffy spring special to post while I get the real chapters up. I hope you enjoy these soft boys and their spring days 💚. The song is "Héroe Favorito" sung by Romeo Santos. Enjoy!
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There's a lively spring hum in the air. It's a peachy blend of soft rustling wind, a chord of laughter, and trills bursting from the beaks of small birds. The music paints a calm atmosphere within the normally frenzy camp, and the colours of the melody are vivid and overflowing with raw youth.

Will Solace held a tanned hand up to the sun, trying to see past the glowing star. He huffed with annoyance, pouting his (somehow natural) pink lips.

The glaring sun threw its deadly UV rays into battle, hoping to crumble and valiantly conquer the glorious kingdom named Will Solace.

Atleast, Will sighed and dropped his hand, that's how the blonde pictured the sun to be in his dorky mind.

"Agh! Whatever..."

The teenager shook his head, resembling a golden retriever shaking water from its pelt. His annoyance was shaken off, and Will smiled boldly at a wispy cloud instead. He was too busy to deal with silly daily occurrences.

Way too busy...

Will Solace had a mission.

Will couldn't stop the massive grin that consumed his face as the thoughts of his genius plan danced into his mind. They were break dancing in his brain and Will would be lying if he didn't want to join in.

The blonde had finally yanked courage from only the gods where to ask Nico out on a lunch date.

"Date", Will felt heat climb up his neck, and he shivered. Date.

"It's not a date!" Will blurted out and his cheeks turned red as several campers threw him questioning looks.

"You have a date?"

Oh crap.

Will whipped towards the sound and he fought his blush down.

There was Nico, a hand on his hip as he tilted his hand in confusion. His gaze was mocking.

His jeans were the same soul sucking black as his eyes.

Nico always looked so effortlessly good and Will gulped. He was so whipped for this death boy.

"Yeah, with you."

In a snap, Nico was a blubbering mess; his neck was turning pink and his eyes were big with shock.

"Wha-Wha??" Nico was stuttering and Will couldn't help but giggle although he was also embarrassed at his answer.


Nico jumped like a kitten at Will's loud voice and Will cringed at himself.

"I mean a lunch date," Will mumbled, desperate for Nico to meet his eyes again.


Was Will imagining the disappointed look on Nico's face?

"Will you," Will decided he was done playing shy, as he took a step closer to Nico and placed a hand on Nico's hair, "go with me?"

Will marveled at the way Nico softened under his touch. Nico finally met his eyes and Will felt his throat clench.

"Take me away sunshine," Nico scowled even though his eyes shone bright.

"You're actually allergic to roses and you got me roses? Are you stupid or stupid?"

Will laughed loudly as he took in Nico's exasperated expression. His mouth hung open in disbelief and his eyes were narrowed.

"Save a life and take these roses Nico." Will tried to bite back a giant grin when he noticed Nico's eyes were warm.

They were under a massive pine tree near the camp. There was only silence adoring the air apart from the occasional bird call.

It wasn't a meadow full of daisies but Will supposed the roses could make up for that.

Half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cups half full of raspberries were littered around them.

Nico gripped the stems and Will loved the way Nico's cheeks started to burn red.

"They're lovely idiot," Nico smiled and Will felt his heart thump.

A warmth was starting to spread from his chest to his fingertips. It made him giddy and anxious for more of Nico's rare smiles.

He could never be satisfied. He wanted those smiles to himself. For always.

Nico popped a raspberry into his mouth as he laid back on the yellow blanket.

Like a puppy, Will scooted towards Nico. He was eager to please the son of Hades.

Will felt his heart sink as he saw Nico's eyes turn dark.

"Tell me this isn't a joke. That this isn't a one time thing."

Will's hand had a mind of its own as it gently pinched Nico's now chubby cheek. It relived Will that Nico was now taking care of himself.

"Shut up. I like you a lot Nico," Will ignored how "like" was nowhere near a bright enough word to describe all he felt for Nico.

Nico's eyes held a child like innocence and Will's heart thumped at that.

"I want to be closer to you." Will smiled softly.

"Let's be friends," Nico murmured nuzzling into Will's hand.

Will could play that game for now if it meant he could have a part of Nico to himself.

Wow, Will swallowed thickly. He was so selfish for this cute boy.

"Yeah Nico."

Will would be lying if he didn't feel pride swell inside him at Nico's wide smile.


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