New memories

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''So what are you doing here? At my house to be exact.'' Miracle said crossing her arms. I could just feel and hear the attitude coming from her ass and lord knows I didn't have time for her or her fucked up ass attitude. Every time I seen shorty she was on some other shit. Yo dead ass strip tease knew how to push ya buttons for real and I bet her ass still salty about her and Drew. I don't know exactly what happened between them, but all I know is he got Asia pregnant once again and gave shorty a ring. Now if I was strip tease I'd be feeling some type of way too. Oh well it is what it is this type of shit happens all the time.

I mean what did Miracle really expect? That she would luck up and have Drew in the long run or some shit? I don't know and I don't care at least my nigga got a nut .. shit they both got what they wanted so the situation should be dead, but shit then again it's always something with these hoes out here trust me I know off top.

Some how some way bitches start catching feelings and once they do all hell break loose man. I don't care what nobody say a nigga ain't gone never find a bitch who just wanna fuck with no strings attached that easy all the time and even when you do and she agree with you she gone eventually break that agreement. That's how shit be for real.

''Chill out with the attitude stri---- I mean Miracle. I'm just here for my baby moms she here or what?'' I asked her mean mugging ass. I don't know what her problem was against me and shit, but every time a nigga try to be civil with her she always quick to catch a attitude for whatever reason. I mean she make it so hard for a nigga to still consider her as being smashable like damn. Miracle was fine, but her attitude on the other hand .. I don't know how Drew could do it, but then again maybe that's why he cut her crazy ass off. All I know is good pussy or not I don't do the crazy fuck that.

''What was that T? Don't get fucked up okay because I am not the one nigga.'' she said waving her finger all in my face and shit. Y'all see what I mean? This girl is crazy as hell. She fine but she crazy.

''Chill with all that unnecessary shit shorty I don't want no problems I just wanna see Tyra. Is she here?'' I asked trynna remain calm before I go off on her ass. I got so much other shit to tend to and she making this harder then what it has to be.

She rolled her eyes. ''Whatever T come in.''She said moving out the way and letting me in. I was trying so hard to just chill on shorty.

''TYRAAAAAAA YO ANNOYING ASS BABY DADDY IS HERE.'' Miracle yelled while she went inside her kitchen.

I was just standing and waiting for Tyra to bring her ass out with nothing to say just yet.

''Why I gotta be all that Miracle?'' I said sitting on the couch making myself comfortable fuck asking I wasn't in the mood for manners right now, so what fuck it.

'Because you are nigga and how'd you even know where I stayed at? '' She said grabbing a bottle of water out her fridge.

''Drew told me.'' I said laughing while checking my phone Ashley been blowing my ass up heavy. Drew ain't really tell me either, but I felt the need to fuck with her ass. I wanted to see what her reaction would be. Not to mention I knew she knew about the engagement so why not be petty?

Before I could even finish checking my phone a red plastic cup came flying towards my head.

''Yoooooo chill.'' I said standing up. Miracle ass was tripping clearly this nigga Drew was a touchy subject for shorty because the way she was acting I'd say she had some major feelings for him. I really would've busted out laughing right now, but I kind of feared for my life in a funny ass way so I was gone chill. Where the fuck is Tyra at though?

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