#TeamWattPunk - Part Five: In the STARz - @Emmalee_Sky

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Across the city, OutrageousOllo came to a halt beside MadMikeMarsbergen's mutilated corpse. She fought back the tears, booted away some seagulls pecking at his eyeballs and severed wang, and hunkered down beside him. Ripping open her jean jacket, she readied the first—of about fifty—FAME-containing syringes.

After pricking him with each and every one, she waited.

She worried she was too late. If you didn't get the juice in their veins fast enough, they'd just stay dead and you'd be out of FAME. A total waste. What if he was dead? Her soul-mate would be gone. And you only get one of those. Once they go, that's it, you're done, no more.

Looking over at MadMikeMarsbergen, he was still quite dead. She sighed and started sobbing into her crossed arms.

A sneeze, a cough, a fart.

She turned and saw him sit up, take the dick out of his mouth and stare in horror.

Squealing with delight, she lunged at him, hugged him, kissed him, and then slapped him. "How dare you go and get yourself killed!"

"What? You were killed, too," he reminded her. "Your head was blown to smithereens and everything. I didn't slap you..."

"That was different," she told him. "I wasn't The Chosen One. We need to find Rick."

"And I need revenge on Lord WattPad." MadMikeMarsbergen keeled over and groaned. "Oooh... AH! AH! OH SHIT WOW HOLY!" He stared down at a bulge, bigger than his old one, running down the leg of his tights. Looked at his old dick, gave a proud pat to his new dick, and tossed the old one in the trash. "Where's my mask?" He looked around. "Oh well, not like nobody there knows who I am. C'mon, let's go kill Lord WattPad."

OutrageousOllo bounced up and down, then jumped on her reanimated husband's back.

They took off into the sky.

"Can I shove my foot up his ass?" she asked him.

"Olive, as far as I'm concerned, you can drive a minivan with a family of four up his ass."


They were back at the top of the tower, standing in Lord WattPad's enormous office. The window, which had been broken not too long ago, was now replaced. The glass shards had been picked up. Any damage done had been repaired. Lord WattPad's hairy assistant stood near the desk, staring solely up at the wall as if letting his eyes linger meant certain punishment would follow.

Ree watched Rick from the corner, licking his lips and running a finger up and down his trusty black colonoscope. It gave him the creeps, but what was even freakier was when Ree used the colonoscope as a makeshift whip, throwing it over each shoulder to lash his rear. Ree would make little squeaking noises when the scope made contact.

Lord WattPad powered up his laptop. "This used to belong to 'The Chosen One.' Psh. Chosen One. I'm the real Chosen One. I'm a god."

Mike's laptop, eh? The one supposedly with the bug that can change the whole world? Rick had a new idea, then. First, he would direct attention away from the subject. "Can I get a glass of water, or something? My throat's a bit itchy."

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