Chapter 13 | | Party. Sleep. Don't Repeat.

I sat on my desk, studying for the upcoming math test. It's worse than it sounds, believe me. I looked at my phone. Shit. It is 5 p.m. already ! Paula and Lizzie are going to be here in less than an hour to get ready for the party. While packing up my math stuff, I thought about what I should wear tonight. My clothes are not really party approved.

My eyes widened as I spotted something in my closet. It was a black tight dress that my mom once bought me for a formal party we had to attend. It had a V-neck and was covering half of my upper thigh. This could definitely work. Unexpectedly, my thoughts were interrupted by the door bell and sprinted downstairs. As I opened the door, I saw Paula with an excited expression while Lizzie's was rather unenthusiastic.

"Sit down.", Paula demanded as we reached my room. "Lil' Soso is going to have a little makeover.", she said, waving around with her curler.

"So tell me. How was your little play date yesterday ?", Paula asked sardonically.

"We had no play date and it was fine.", I said and told them everything that happened, except for the almost kiss.

"Did anything else happen ? I can see it in your face that you did not tell me every thing."

"Maybe...", I mumbled. She stopped curling my hair and I received a questioning look from both of them. "What are you waiting for ? Spill."

"We almost kissed but....", I tried to continue the sentence but was interrupted by them. "What?!"

"Yes but..."

"I told you so. I fucking told you so but I support it though.", I gave her a astonished look.

"You ? What ? You were the one who told me that I should play him because he is such an asshole."

"Yeah and he still is an asshole but an asshole who has feelings for you.", she shrugged.

Feelings for me ? Noah ? Of course. Why not. Sure and I'm Hannah Montana.

"How do you know that he has feelings for me ? Plus, I know him for like not even a week.", I countered.

"Firstly, he did never once try to get into your pants which for him his highly unusually. Secondly, he was completely jealous when you talked to Kyle in the cafeteria and lastly, he missed out the opportunity for free sex just because of you. I rest my case."

I wanted to say something against it but I did not have anything to prove her wrong but still, I do not think that he has any feelings for me.

After fifteen minutes, she finished my makeup and hair and I stood in front of the mirror, being totally amazed of what happened to my face. I looked stunning.

"Wow, this is amazing.", I drew closer to the mirror, still in disbelief to what Paula has transformed me into. The black dress, the makeup and the hair. I looked like I was about to attend the Oscars.

As soon as, she was done with Lizzie's makeup and her as well, we hopped into the car and drove to Eddy's house. Music was blasting loudly and the song "Your Number" by Ayo Jay was playing. As we entered the house, several people, I do not even know, greeted us. I smiled at them and decided to explore the house a little. I looked behind me to see that Lizzie and Paula were gone. Great. I managed to lose my friends within five seconds. Making my way to the kitchen, I received seducing looks from guys. Ew.

One guy tried to whistle after me but choked on his own breath. What an idiot. The music was really loud, I could not even hear my own thoughts. As I went into the kitchen, I crushed into a girl. My gaze went up and I saw Kim standing in front of me, faking a smile. I'm such a lucky person...

"Hey, Sofía. Can you get me a drink ?",

"What ? How do I look like ? A maid ?", I asked her furiously.

"Oh I just assumed, you know, because of your Hispanic looks.", I looked at her in disbelief.

"Wait. Repeat that.", I demanded.

"You heard me, honey.", with that she passed me and my gaze followed her.

Oh my God. That sentence. That was exactly what the girl at Noah's house said to me, like the exact same words. I swear something weird is going on in here.

Everywhere were people drinking, making out or playing truth or dare. I went to the living room where Jackson was standing, talking to the girl that Eddy made out with in front of my locker.

How does he know her ?

As soon as he saw me, he walked towards me and waved.

"Hey, how are you ?", he greeted me but I as too focused on that girl he was talking to.

"Fine. Who was the girl you were talking to ?", I pointed at her, causing him to turn around and back to me.

"Oh that. This is Emma. Jessica's sister...."

I did not even let him finish the and immediately left him to look for Paula and Lizzie. I knew something was going on in here and now I know what it is...

I found both of them standing in the corner, talking to some girls from our school.

"We need to go.", I gripped their wrists and tried to pull them away.

"What ? No ! We just got here.", Paula tried to free her hand from my grip.

"Trust me. It is really important. We need to go. Now.", I looked at them with total seriousness.

Reluctantly, Paula agreed and we exited the house heading straight to her car and got in.

"Could you please tell us why the hell you made us leave the party after twenty minutes ?", Paula looked at me pissed.

"I crashed into Kim at the party and she demanded me to bring her a drink. I told her that I was not a maid and she countered that she assumed I was because of my Hispanic looks and she used the exact same words as the girl at Noah's house did.", Lizzie and Paula gave each other questioning looks and looked back at me.

"Ok and what about that ?", Lizzie asked me, obviously not getting what I was hinting at.

"I'm not finished. Later I saw Jackson talking to the girl that Eddy made out with in front of my locker. I was really confused about how he could probably know her so I asked him who she was and guess what he told me. That girl is Jessica's sister. You cannot tell me that only a few minutes after Eddy asked me how to impress Lizzie, he coincidentally meets Kim who also coincidentally talks him out of meeting with Lizzie and then on the next day he makes out with a girl who happened to be Jessica's sister and which, of course, coincidentally took place in front of my locker. All those things happened after we found out that Jessica had a plan to get rid of us. The thing is that at first we thought that she maybe would just pull pranks on us or humiliate but this whole thing is a set-up. She knows that we are friends with them and that those pranks will just make her appear like the bad guy. It would not work out for her because we might actually grow closer with them which means there is only one option left: we need to be the bad guys.", Paula and Lizzie stared at me with a blank expression, still trying to process what I just have said.

"You might be right. That does sound like Jessica but overall she did nothing really do to us", Paula she addressed.

"That is the thing. I think that this is just a part of her plan. The worst is yet to come..."


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