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Chapter 32

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--------------NALA'S P.O.V--------------

"What the hell happened here?" Phillip's voice echoed through the destroyed house.

Destruction. That was the only word that could describe the situation at these moments. I walked towards Bruno's side as a gust of cold wind traveled through out the house. Goosebumps formed all through my skin as my eyes landed on the blood splattered items.

"Looks like someone was killed here." I quietly stated as my heart beat decreased.

"Maybe someone was." Bruno's voice echoed as his eyes scanned the room.

I got closer to the destroyed furniture as a metal object shined against the wall. I quietly walked over to the shining object and was found with a dented bullet.

"Guys." I called out as I reached for the bullet.

I turned towards the guys and lifted the shiny bullet, their eyes widening immediately.

"A bullet." Phillip quietly said, more to himself than to us.

I nodded and threw the bullet on the ground, my eyes scanning the room for anything else that would explain Bill's death.

"Nala?" Bruno asked as his eyes were focused on me.

"Yeah?" I responded, my eyes all over the place.

"What are you standing on?"

I stood there and slowly looked down.

"Oh my gosh...."

I stepped back as a puddle of blood was revealed. My eyes went back towards Bruno who was once again pulling his curled hair.

-------------BRUNO'S P.O.V-------------

What. The. Hell. I had never been so confused yet I had never understood so much.

You're going crazy Mars.

I walked towards the red liquid that was slowly making me nauseous and thought. Then it hit me.

"Bill was killed here."


"So you're saying someone came here, attacked Bill, killed him and then took him to that warehouse?" Phillip said slowly, making me realize house crazy that idea sounded.

"Makes sence." Nala quietly stated afterward.

"The thing that doesn't make sence is why someone would go through so much trouble for a dead body..." I state quietly.

The comment seemed to have sparked something in Nala's and Phillip's mind because as soon as I said that, they started looking around the room. I did the same.

Minutes passed and we were all still looking around the house for something, anything that could answer at least one of our questions.

"Bruno. I found something." Phillip's voice roared around the house.

We turned towards Phillip and were confused when our eyes met with a single sheet of paper dangling from Phillip's hand. I carefully took the paper in my hands and started reading.

Mars. I'm glad you have received this message. I knew you would. As you can see, Bill was killed and the cops think it was you but c'mon, you're not smart enough to kill someone like that but the cops don't know that.

I can help you clear your name if you give me the thing you stole from me. Her. Return her to me and your name will be cleared. If you do not return her to me by the latest of two weeks more and more people will be "mysteriously" killed and I will personally make sure that the police thinks it was you. Your time starts now Mars. Don't do something you'll regret.

"What does it say?"




I blinked a few times as reality came back. My eyes focused on my hands that held tiny pieces of paper. In front of me was a table that had been flipped upside down, and I was positive that the one that flipped it was me.

My mind had been in some dark places before, places that I didn't even know existed, but it had never been where it is now.

"Bruno... "

Nala's voice was the only sound that could be heard, except for the sound of my heartbeats which increased each second. My mind had so many things to say, but my voice was unable to be heard.

"Bruno what's...."

"He set us up." My voice boomed as it interrupted Phillip.

"Who is?" Nala's sweat voice asked as her delicate fingers tried to grasp mine, but failed as I pulled away.

"Drew. He set us up. He has every f****** thing planned out. He knew all of this was gonna f****** happen." My hands turned into fists as the image of Drew with Nala appeared.

"Why would Drew do this?" Nala asked as her eyes glimmered with tears.

I stood in silence as I tried to answer her question. Why would Drew do this?

Because he a psycho.

Made sence. But deep down I knew that there had to be a specific reason why he killed his own father.

"I'm not sure, but now more than ever we have to keep our eyes open for him." I took a deep breathe. "Phillip, you have to protect Nala with your life."

He nodded.

"And Nala, you will be under our protection every day for the rest of our lives until we find Drew."

"What about you." She yelled. "Who's gonna protect you?!"

Silence. I took the gun from my pocket and loaded it.

"I don't need protection. All I need is to find Drew"

Omggg you guys! 11.4k reads!! I am so happy omgg ajsbaisnaj! Thank you! In other news, i've started to write another Bruno fanfic tittled "Talking to the Moon". I'm not sure why I started it but i'm excited to see what people think of it c: so go read it! Also, don't forget to vote for criminal!

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