Chapter 2: Friend, Foe, or Family?

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As Danny slept in the medical wing while Superboy kept a close eye on him for a couple of hours. As his shift was going to end, Danny began to fidget, then struggle in his sleep. He started mumbling something in another language. Then he was full on screaming. Superboy got up and held Danny down by his wrists while he called out for help. Black Canary ran in with Batman behind her.

"What's going on?!" Canary asked.

"I don't know! He just started fidgeting then he was thrashing himself on the bed screaming!" Superboy yelled struggling to hold the teen down on the bed.

"NO STOP IT VA RUGAM! Nu mă răni! LASĂ-MĂ!" (PLEASE NO STOP IT! Do not hurt me! LEAVE ME!) Danny screamed. He kicked Superboy off of him as his eyes shot open. Superboy hit the wall leaving a deep indent in it. Danny got up and fazed through the wall. He ran out of the medical wing running down halls not knowing where he was going. He somehow ended up in the communication area. Alarms began blaring and soon the Young Justice League, minus Superboy for the moment, arrived in the communication area. Danny's eyes widened in fear. He took a few steps back  and jumped into the air flying to the top of the room and fazed through it outside into the night. He flew as far as he could from the mountain and eventually landed near an abandoned warehouse. He fazed inside and made sure it was clear before dropping his invisibility. He stumbled a little before getting his footing. Thanks to his advanced healing he felt that his broken leg was almost healed and most of his rib cage had healed. The cuts and gashes were scabbed over and his dislocated shoulder was no longer painful. Danny went behind some crates and made himself a small bed of ice with snow on top for himself so he could possibly try and sleep. Thanks to his powers the ice wouldn't melt unless he wanted it to. And he needed to cool himself down. If his ice core got too hot, he could possibly die. He laid down on the ice snow bed, relishing the coldness it brought. One thought stuck in his head though rendering him unable to sleep. He had woken up to someone holding him down. He was in a white room but when he ran out of it, not only where his powers functional, he wasn't in what looked like a GIW HQ. Danny pondered on this a bit more until he heard the sound of voices outside. He bolted upright in his ice bed and listened closely. There were roughly seven voices outside of the warehouse. He got off his bed and absorbed the ice and snow back into his core.  He went further back into the warehouse and hid in the dark behind more crates. His ghost form gave him the ability to see in the dark so while the people outside were rendered blind, he was able to see perfectly.

Young Justice 3rd Person
After Danny fled, Superboy ran into the communication room, and boy did he look mad.

"Where did he go?" he asked with a slight growl.

"He left the mountain. But I can still track him." Robin said.

"Good, we need to find him. He's still badly injured and he needs help. He must have still been in a state of panic before we could explain anything to him." Batman said. Robin nodded his head. He pulled up his tracker and a little dot pinged on the map showing where Danny was, which wasn't far away. The team ran to the bio-ship and climbed into it and took off. When they arrived at the location, they set the bio-ship in hover mode and proceeded to walk to the warehouse.

"Be cautious when you enter. We already know he's strong. Whatever you do, don't give him a reason to run." Batman said. The group nodded and headed inside.

Danny 3rd Person
Danny was hidden on the other side of the warehouse when the Young Justice team arrived. He heard them open the doors and walk inside. He went invisible and flew up to the catwalks that were above the crates. He watched them silently as they searched for him. He saw the one wearing a black shirt with a Superman symbol stop and look in the area he was standing in. Danny's breath hitched and he flew down the catwalk only for Superboy to jump up and chase after him.

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