Chapter Twenty Seven

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Next Day 3:00 PM

I walked down the front steps of my school annoyed as all get out, Jelissa didn't show up to school and I hadn't heard from August all day so I spent most of the day bored to death and receiving all kinds of looks from Amber all by my lonesome. As I walked down the street I heard someone calling my name from behind, "Hey! Hey Emone wait up!" I turned around to see that girl from the studio Jordan trying to catch up to me.

"What's up?" I asked flat out as I continued to make my way towards the bus stop. "Nothing really, I thought we could walk together since you know... we're working together." "I suppose," I shrugged my shoulders as we continued walking.

"I saw how Amber was looking at you today, she don't need to hold a grudge over that if y'all was really cool." I furrowed my eyebrows, "Amber doesn't let things go. And she'll never understand that we wanted to keep her around but she wasn't working like this was something she wanted. This became a part time hobby." Jordan shook her head in response.

I sighed, "So what's your deal? How long have you been singing?" "Forever. In middle school I was in the school choir but I had been singing long before that. What about you?" I chuckled a bit, "Well both me and Jelissa were already singing in the sunshine band at our church by the time we were three. My grandmother has so many pictures of us up there just playing around while everybody else was singing."

"That's kinda cool, y'all literally have always sung together." I nodded, "Yeah that's Lil sis. You go to church right? You should visit Trinity Institutional C.O.G.I.C, Jelissa's dad is the Bishop there." "Really? Okay I might stop there one Sunday. But I don't think ya girl likes me that much." I started laughing, "Jelly isn't mean she's just trying to feel you out. I think after everything that went down with Amber she's just hesitant about moving on."

"I could understand that," Jordan started, "But I work hard and I think y'all both got mad talent. We could make really dope music." I paused as I dug my buzzing cell phone out of my pocket to see that it was August and I answered while plugging in my right earbud. "Yo bro, where the hell you at?" I inquired. "Something came up last night with Jelly but we about to come by you, you in the crib?"

"What do you mean? Is she alright? What happened?" I started asking a ridiculous amount of questions, but Jelissa's my day one so I had to make sure she was good first before anything else, "Slow down, she aight. But we boutta hop on the train." I told him I was on my way there before hanging up and looked at Jordan, "Which way you going I gotta get home fast I can't wait for the bus," "I could walk you if you want. I don't think we live too far from each other." "Ard cool, come on."

We walked for about fifteen minutes before we came upon my grandmother's house and I said goodbye as Jordan continued to walk down the street. When I got inside I saw Kamaya already in the living room laying in front of the television still in her uniform. "Hey Mymy what you doing home so early babe?" She stood to hug me and I kissed her forehead as I started to tickle her, "Aunt Bee picked me up! Sissy can we watch a movie?" She giggled.

"Maybe we'll have movie night tomorrow after school. I'll pick up all of your favorite snacks from the bodega down the street and you can pick only on one condition though," Kamaya raised her eyebrows with a kool-aid smile plastered across her little chocolate face, "You gotta be good in school tomorrow and finish your homework in school. Okay?" I asked as I hung my coat up in the closet and my little sister nodded. "Where's mom mom?" I asked as I made my way to the kitchen to get a snack.

"Taking a nap. Aunt Bee said wait for you to wake her up." I rolled my eyes as I walked up the stairs shaking my head. I knocked on her bedroom door before entering, "Mom mom you awake?" I entered to see her still lightly snoring on her bed and I approached her placing a hand on her arm. "Mom mom," I shook it gently and she awakened and smiled, "Hey sweet pea, how was school today?" "The usual, come on it's time for your medication." I helped her sit up and gave her her afternoon pills and then assisted her in going to the restroom.

"Are you hungry? I could make you something to eat before my friends get here." I switched the television on to the HGTV channel which was what she tended to watch most days. "That would be great." I started to go downstairs when my grandmom called me back to her room, "Baby give your aunt Beatrise a call, would you?" I nodded, "Sure."

Downstairs I warmed up some soup for her on the stove and made her a turkey and cheese with lettuce and tomato sandwich and got her a ginger ale from the refrigerator. I placed all of these things on her lap tray that I'd brought with me into the kitchen this morning and took them up to her, "Try to keep it down downstairs for me. Thank you baby." I nodded and walked half-way down the stairs and called my little sister.

"Mymy! Come on and change your clothes," She ran passed me on the stairs and I got some clothes out for both her and myself. I got a pair of leggings and a t-shirt for myself, and a pair of pajamas with hello kitty printed on them for my sister. Just as I finished changing the doorbell rang and I ran to let my friends in, "What's up what's going on?" August gave me a quick side hug before Jelissa latched onto me and I furrowed my brow as I hugged her back. Jelissa wasn't the emotional type but she didn't seem to have her usual up-beat attitude.

"Girl, what's the matter?" I shut the door and we sat at the dining room table leaving Kamaya in the living room with her cartoons, "Will one of y'all tell me what's going on?" Jelissa spoke up, "Angela is what's going on man. I told them everything and my daddy didn't even seem that mad but you know she had to be on some extra stuff." I just shook my head, "She slapped me and put me out and my dad didn't do a damn thing."

My hand flew up to my mouth, "Are you for real? I'm so sorry, she was wrong. I can't believe your dad let her do that." Jelissa sat back in her chair shaking her head, "I don't have no where to go I don't have any money, no clothes, no phone or nothing." I held her hand, "You know you can stay here my grandmom doesn't mind." She sighed, "I just feel like everything is going wrong right now. Amber doesn't want to talk to us, my mom is up to her usual antics, and on top of this all I haven't seen or heard from Janessa in almost a month."

I pulled Jelissa into a hug and I felt her tears stain my shoulder, "It's about time you let those tears out sis," I told her as I rubbed her back with one hand, "But I don't want you to feel like everything is going wrong, this might be a good thing." She sniffled, "How?" "Maybe it's just time to get away from your mom girl. This ain't gone be easy for you, but sometimes in life you just gotta go through stuff to get stronger."

We broke our hug and she pulled away wiping away stray tears. "You're one of the toughest people I know, you'll get through it. And you've got both me and August by your side the entire time." Jelissa nodded cracking a small smile.

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