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Bella POV

I was woken up by Paul shaking me.

"Bella, get up."He said kissing my forehead, "the plane landed." I nodded my head in response. I stretched out on my seat before getting up. Paul grabbed our bags with one hand, and mine in the other.

"What hotel are we staying at?" I asked as we walked through the terminal.

He laughed and said, "We aren't staying in a hotel."

"What!"I exclaimed," then where are we staying?" 

"You'll find out when we get there." He said as he hailed a cab. 

"Hey guys." A familiar voice said as we got in the cab. I jumped in surprise and looked in the driver's seat to see Emmett?

"What the hell Emmett!"I yelled in surprise. "what are you doing here?" 

" I am your designated driver." Emmett said as though it was obvious," to the Marina?" 

" To the Marina." Paul said. 

"Wait, why are we going to the Marina?" I asked. 

"That is where your other surprise is." Paul said. 

" All these surprises." Emmett joked shaking his head, as we drove from the airport. 

" At least I give my girl surprises." Paul replied. 

" Paul, when Rose and I first found out that we were mates it took us ten years to get our hands off of each other. " Emmett said casually. 

" Is he serious?" Paul whispered to me with wide eyes. 

" Yup." I whispered back, " Just be glad that he's isn't giving us any details." 

" Did you say you wanted details?" Emmett joked. 

" Just keeping driving the marina." Paul snapped. I covered my mouth so I wouldn't laugh. 

"We're almost there anyway."Emmett said as he turned right. 

Paul just rolled his eyes at Emmett's comeback. I squeezed Paul's hand in encouragement. 

"And we are here." Emmett announced parking the cab. "get out and stay out." 

"Thanks Emmett." I said, going around the cab and hugging him. 

"Any time Arizona."He said hugging back, calling me by my nickname. 

" Come on Bella!"I heard Paul yell to me from the boat. 

"Bye Emmett." I said, walking towards the boat. I got on the boat and Paul wrapped his arms around me. 

"Don't break her too much!" Emmett yelled before getting in the cab and speeding off. 

"He's lucky he's on land right now."Paul grumbled into my neck. 

"You're just mad that he got you more than once." I joked. 

"That's not funny." He said pulling me closer, if possible. 

"I know, but it's the truth." I said. "where are we going?"

"Somewhere."He said. 

"Is it an Island?" I asked getting excited. 

"Maybe." He suggested turning away from me. 

"It is an Island!" I exclaimed. "what Island?" 

"It's called Isla Esme." Paul said. "Carlisle gave it to Esme as a gift. She is letting us borrow it for our honeymoon." 

"Wow." I said. "I wonder what it looks like."

"You'll find out soon." He said. 

* 20 Minutes LAter*

I was texting Alice, telling her that we landed fine and that we are on our way to the Island. 

"Bella!" Paul yelled from the front of the boat. 

"What?!" I yelled back standing up and walking to the front.

"There's the house. " Paul said pointing straight. 

  I looked out and saw the most beautiful beach house. We got off the boat and made our way to the house. I was in complete awestruck, how could anyone want to live in wet green Forks, Washington and not here. The first floor features a living area that includes Direct TV, DVD, and a music speaker system inside and out. The fully equipped kitchen has a refrigerator with filtered water and ice maker with extra portable ice machine for entertaining larger groups. There is a stainless steel gas range and oven. Small appliances include toaster, blender, microwave, and coffee maker. Dishes, glassware, cookware and quality linens are all provided. House has hot water throughout.

  The second floor of the "Villa" features two large bedrooms with queen beds and vaulted ceilings. These bedrooms each have it's own bathroom and private entrances. Wide garden doors open to a large, exotic wood balcony overlooking the beach, pool and ocean. Here you can choose to relax in hammocks, or wicker chaise lounge, and afterward, take advantage of Montezuma's expert masseuses on your own private massage table.

  The air conditioned first floor bedroom has it's own private bathroom. Also air conditioned is the den with computer and internet connection. Additional air circulation is provided inside and out by 10 ceiling fans. The Villa is surrounded by a 14 foot wide veranda. Outside dining area includes a 4 by 10 foot dining table that accommodates 10 Brazilian leather rocking chairs. The front veranda features lounge chairs and hammock for reading and relaxing. The side patio, that faces swimming pool and waterfall have comfortable wicker chairs and ottomans. 

Rear patio provides laundry and pool changing area with half bath.
The outdoor kitchen includes bar, with 6 bar stools, a five burner, stainless steal gas BBQ, sink and refrigerator. This area is shaded with a 20 by 24 foot sun roof.
The tile, 2 level swimming pool, fed by a waterfall features a center island with shady palm tree.

"Beautiful." Paul said,"right?"

"It's perfect!" I squealed hugging him. 

"I know what else is perfect." He said. 

"What?" I asked turning around, wrapping my arms around his neck. 

"You." He said as he wrapped his arms around my waist. 

I giggled then eagerly kissed him on the lips. He eagerly kissed back in seconds and this fastly turned into a makeout session. 

"Let's take this to the bed." Paul rasped as he kissed down my neck. 

"Okay." I said, trying to hold back a loud moan from coming out. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist as he began to carry me to the bed. He set me gently down on the bed and looked at me with lustful eyes. 

And you can guess what happened. 

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