Chapter 8

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Avery played by Lily Collins
Chapter 8


After the encounter with wanna-be Barbie I had to go to the office to get my schedule. Since my dick of a mate stopped me from going to class and I lost my schedule when he so rudely bumped into me.

My phone rang and I glanced down at the text. It read," New club opened up in your town. Vampyres you know what to do," I smile I haven't gotten a text like this in months. I was itching to get my hands on the mongrels that kill with no mercy. I guess the secret is out. I am a vampyre killer. Not just any vampyre killer, I'm one of the most notorious vampyre killer. My father told me vampyres are the oldest living kind next to werewolves. They are also the most dangerous. He said it was the werewolves' job to exterminate the vampyre race before it got out of hand. He was supposed to train me how to fight them but he died before he could teach me.

While I was on the run I met up with Chris Walker. He taught me how to fight when he heard my story of my pathetic life. When I was 14 I killed my first vampyre. He deserved it though; he was trying to kill a girl he had compelled. Put a stake in his heart without a second thought. Chris continued to train me and we did tons of jobs. Chris left when I was 16 saying I was fine on my own but I would see him again. I was sad but then got a text saying that there was strange vampyre activity in Colorado so here I am. My insides tingle at the thought of tonight. I haven't been on a job in forever and that makes me nervous.

I've gotten word that He has been working with vampyres so going to clubs like this will get me one step closer to Him. This is why I can't have a mate. I need to stay focus and get my revenge. Though going to this new club is still giving me weird feelings in the pit of my tummy.

Shaking out the nervous jitters I walked into the school building. Since I didn't know where the office was I walked around aimlessly down the hallways. The bell rang sometime later so I pull out my phone and start playing flappy bird. I didn't want to go to class, so I'm not asking no one for help. Several dead birds later I wanted to break my phone. This shit was hard! I was about to beat my high score when I bumped into someone. Aw hell no. Who just interrupted my flap flap time? Someone's bout to die. I glare at the girl, with pink hair, in front of me, murdering her with my eyes.

"Watch where you're going," she spats glaring at me. Hold up while the hell is she mad. I'm the one who lost my high score.

"Hold up you bumped into me and you messed me up do you know how long it took me to get to 5 on flappy bird," I say angry. Okay you can laugh it's just that game was hard I kept hitting the stupid poles it's rigged I tell you rigged!

The girl burst out laughing and after a few minutes I can't help laughing myself. Soon we were on the floor laughing I'm sure we've gotten strange looks by now. I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face. After a while our laughter died down and we were just lying there. Finally she spoke up," My name is Avery btw,"


"Are you new here?" she questions," I'm very observant and I haven't noticed you,"

"Yeah I'm new my first day was yesterday but things got...complicated," I say cautiously. I don't think that she heard what happened between me and drake, but you never know.

"Oh so you're that chick you handed Drake's balls to him," she says admiration shining in her brown eyes. I was taken aback. I thought everyone kissed his ass, considering he's the "king" of the school.

"So you have heard?" I question her still confused on why she wasn't gushing about him as I hear the other girls do.

She nods and I sigh. Great I start out the year with my reputation of the girl who kicked Drake's sorry ass. Eh I guess it's better to start out the year with a bang. Deciding to question her I ask, "Why aren't you kissing his toes like everyone else?"

She shrugs and says,"Eh we've had bad history and he's a dick so I tend to stay away from his nasty toes," her tone distant and laced with distaste. I nod and get up. I hold out my hand for her to take and we dust ourselves off.

"Can you show me where the office is," I say suddenly shy. She chuckles and leads towards a door that I passed many times. She walks in and points towards the desk where a middle-aged lady sat.

"I'll wait for you here," she says. I nod and walk over to where the lady sits.

"Hi can I have my schedule, my name is Ivy Fae," I say trying to be nice. The lady looks at me with disinterest and heaves a long sigh. Damn! What crawled up her dusty butt and died. She acts like I upset her for asking her to do her job. After a long typing and my patience wearing out she finally gives me my schedule and locker code and number. I flash her a fake smile before walking over to Avery. I mouth 'bitch' to her and she nods her head in complete understanding. We walk out of the office and start walking in the direction of my locker. It was on the 2nd floor. Yeah the school has like 7 floors. I don't think I can make it all the way walking up those stairs. That's a lot exercise my couch potato body cannot handle.

"Can I see your schedule; I want to see if we have any classes together?" Avery interrupts my thoughts. I nod and fish the already crumpled schedule out of my backpack. I stand there waiting as her eyes scan the sheet. Once she's done she looks up happy.

"We have all classes together," she says happily. I grin also. It's good to know the first friend I met is in all my classes. I was about to reply but the sound of ringing interrupts me. I groan in sync with Avery. We glance at each other and laugh. After we sober up we walk through the crowd of teens. After walking up 4 flights of stairs we make it to my locker. Avery was telling me something about her pranks she pulled on the principal when his scent hit me. I prayed it wasn't fresh but the damn boy had to come around the corner and park his nice butt 4 lockers down. I stiffen and Avery must notice because she stops talking and turns around to see what I am staring at.

"Great this day has gotten so much better," I say sarcastically. Drake must have heard me because he glances up and looks in my direction. I curse myself for being so naturally loud, when he sees me and smirks. If there is a god up there I pray that he doesn't come over here. Well there is obviously not because the next thing I know I find the ass swaggering up to me in his tight black shirt and good fitting jeans until he's right in front of me. I narrow my eyes at him and Avery copies my actions.

"I guess you'll be seeing a lot more of me, angel," he says the smirk still etched across his face. Oh how I wish I could smack it off with a brick.

"Drake back the hell up off me," I say with venom. I don't know how he doesn't get I don't like him. He still smiles coyly at me and my hand twitches to hit him.

"What are you going to do about it, kitten?" he says coming closer to me. I swear if he moves any closer to me he's getting kneed in his family jewels. Avery being the good friend she is realizes I'm getting angry and moves forward to grab my hand.

"Come on Ives let's go to class, we mustn't be late," she says lightly with humor. I can't help the smile that tugs at my lips at her attempt to simmer the anger rising in my belly. I have no idea where all this violence is coming from but I seriously need to get that checked out.

"Yeah," I say tearing my glare away from Drake to give her a grateful look. I successfully move away from my locker without touching Drake and follow Avery to my first class.

"Thanks," I say to her. She stops suddenly and turns to me. I stop as well looking at her with a curious glance.

"What's going on with you and Drake?" she asks raising one slender eyebrow. Aw hell.

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