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6 Months Later

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6 Months Later

I move towards the sofa and curl up on the arm rest besides Chase, his arms instantly wrap around my bottom, he swiftly pulls me off the arm and into his lap, "What are you doing?" he growls and nips at my neck causing me to giggle.

"Seriously? I'm trying to eat." Vance says from the other side of the room, a paper plate with a slice of pizza in his hand, a beer in his other.

I lift my head and narrow my eyes, "Seriously?" I mock, "You should be use to it by now."

"Don't mean I wanna see it."

I pull Chase's face to mine and plant a big over exaggerated kiss on his lips. Vance precedes to gag.

Obviously Vance and Chase made up, in fact that was how Chase made it to my front yard that very day of my prom. I heard about about it the next day, well I mostly asked about it. Chase apparently called Vance and it went from there. Boys. Not only did they make up, they're living together.

My boyfriend and brother being roommates was pretty awkward at first, it took some getting use to and it didn't help that Vance would gag anytime we showed any kind of PDA. Vance is still Vance, and I think he enjoying living in his own place way too much. His bedroom door is like a revolving door of women. I don't know where he finds them, especially with our town being so small. It's kind of annoy, and I started sleeping over more often. I may be a bit territorial.

Chase's father expected him back in the office that Monday of his return, after a month, he informed his dad that he was no longer interested in working at his firm. Although he made really good money, and was set for life, he was miserable. His father didn't take that information well, and threatened to kick him out and cut off any and all support. Vance decided it was time to leave the nest, so it worked out nicely. They found a great house with a large garage, because that's priority.

Once the weather behaved my father had an addition put on to Victor's Garage, where I was officially hired as the auto body technician. I spent the summer getting my certification and taking some business courses at the college. Vin and I are now co-owners of Victor'sGarage, I don't think he was completely thrilled, but he got over it. Chase and I run the body shop together.

It's just the three of us tonight, I spread out along the couch, laying my head in Chase's lap as they watch some sports game. Something I could care less about. Completely content as Chase idly plays with my hair, my eyes begin to close on their own accord. Just as I begin to doze off, a knock at the door makes me jump. I roll onto my back and look up at Chase, who shrugs. Our pizza arrived probably over an hour ago, and I'm pretty sure we tipped him. We both look at Vance, thinking it's most likely one of this lady friends, but he shrugs, "I'm not expecting anyone."

They knock again.

Vance remains seated, so Chase taps on my hip indicating me to move off his lap, which I do. I take Chase's spot on the couch and watch him move towards the front door. The way the room is situated, the door blocks whoever is on the other side. I can hear Chase's voice, and vaguely his words as he greets the person. Then I vaguely hear him ask the person if everything is alright.

Vance looks when he hears Chase's question, most likely wondering who it is. He's on his feet in an instant and moving to the door, his pizza disregarded. I'm beginning to worry and I'm not sure if I should move, but I slowly find myself standing up. "Vic?" I hear Vance ask, and at the sound of my oldest brothers name I hurry to the door. Once Vic comes into view, my steps falter. He's completely disheveled, his hair is wild, his eyes rimmed red, and is that blood on his face? Vic seems to be just staring as he stands right outside the door, even though Chase and Vance have left room for him to enter.

"Vic? What's going on man?" Vance asks carefully, almost afraid that Vic is going to erupt. He looks almost unstable. It seems as if he's finally aware that we're standing in front of him. I'm absolutely terrified. His lips begin to move, but no words are coming out, he finally finds his voice. "Can I crash here?" he asks.

"Yeah, of course." Vance says, "What's going on? Where's Melissa?" Vic's eyes turn murderous at the mention of Melissa's name and it's scary.

"My wife is a whore."

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Authors note coming soon.

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