14) 'You Did What?' And Other Questions That Will Be Yelled At You Very Soon

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14) 'You Did What?' And Other Questions That Will Be Yelled At You Very Soon

Once upon a time, a group of five teenagers met. It was no coincidence, for it was the first day of school, and they all went to the same school, to the same class, and were brutally rejected by the rest of their semi-normal classmates in the same way.

Rejection does marvel in people. It can bring you together when nothing else will. To Martin, Messiah and Heston, this just seemed to be the case.

The thing is, aside from the aforementioned attributes, they all had something else in common: when it came to the old law of Survival Of The Fittest, they were the first to go. They had failed to make friends in time, and thus, were leftovers.

Or were they?

Either way, at fourteen, they were young and innocent, and thus they pulled one of those cliché bets where they'd pay fifty bucks to whoever had their first kiss before the rest or something. Pi came around halfway through their sophomore year, and even though he was the least loser-ish one of the group and had already had a girlfriend before and he befriended them only because the squad trapped him before he could have contact with anyone else, the bet stayed intact. He didn't count, after al. He hadn't been around when the bet had been done.

Needless to say, up until ten seconds ago, none of them had achieved the feat.

And really, it's not like any of them had a chance. Messiah had his insufferable social justice warrior tendencies and Martin his obsession with being cool and Heston a mildly tolerable appearance but nasty hygiene. Benjamin had a bit of pudge, but aside from that, there was nothing to it, really. Maybe he'd been the Chosen One from the start.

Whatever the case was, all he knew was that he was experiencing his first kiss right this very moment.

With a guy.

And he hadn't even initiated it himself. It was the Dutch delinquent living in his house, who had invaded his life and now his personal space to force it upon him. Thijmen was kissing him.

He didn't know what to think or what to do. Thijmen's hold on his head made him feel like he couldn't even do anything. Thijmen's lips on his prevented him from saying anything. Thijmen's lips...

Benjamin melted. Slumped down like jello. Slipped from Thijmen's grasp and fell to the floor.

Thijmen lifted his hands, like a criminal caught by the police after committing a crime, and stared down at Benjamin. "What the hell did you just do?"

Benjamin swallowed. "My legs were... tired," he said, and Thijmen let his arms fall to his side. "What did youjust do?"

Slowly, as if he was trying not to make Benjamin run and hide (which was probably smart), Thijmen leaned down. His lips cracked into a smile. Benjamin squinted and tried to see if there was any trace of himself on them. His DNA was definitely there. Could Thijmen take the DNA off of his lips and clone Benjamin and use the clone for evil business? Probably.

"Do you know what a kiss is?"

Benjamin squinted even more and scoffed, "of course I do. Why did you do it?"

"Because I felt like it."

He didn't know what to say. Thijmen felt like it? What did that even mean? Did that mean he wanted to kiss him? That he liked Benjamin?

No, that was impossible.


"Pfft, why do people feel like kissing other people? I don't know, Ben. Maybe because they want to? Do I have to explain natural human urges to you?"

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