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The next day Phil found himself looking for the tall lanky boy. He desperately wanted to see him again, and possibly find out his name this time. Phil didn't think to ask the previous night, he was too caught up in his beauty. But he knew he would see the boy again when signing up for his shifts Phil took more than his normal amount of hours despite his hatred for the job.It would give him more chances to see the boy again.His uncle asked about his sudden change but he played it off as wanting to save up money.With that he left the office, going to the front of the store where Lainey stood at the cash register. "Hey." He greeted taking a stand next to her.

"Hey, are you going to make more cookies?" She asked, despite it only being noon the case filled with baked goods was about half empty.

Sighing he nodded going to the kitchen and began making more chocolate chip and a few others types when he decided to make the cute mystery boy some cookies. While after dozen cookie

dough balls baked Phil started on a simple sugar cookie that he would be decorated.

After rolling out the cookie dough Phil used an avocado cookie cutter before laying them on a pan to bake in the oven.


When all of the cookies were done and sitting on cooling racks Phil decided to take his break. Walking to the front of the bakery he told Lainey and hurried out. Restaurant,shops, and people surrounded him as he looked around to where he wanted to eat one shop that would usually never catch his eye did.

Not for the stuffed animal but he noticed the curly brown haired boy, the boy he talked to the night before. Phil blushed and thought about running away but it was too late before he could change his mind he was walking in the toy store. "Hello, there cute mystery boy." Phil greeted him when he was at the reasonable distance, managing to somewhat scare the boy.

Dam jumped clutching the stuffed penguin in front of him as a shield. Phil had fought hard to stop himself from cooing and laughing instead he smiled at the blushing boy. "Oh hey!" Dan squeaked flashing his pearly teeth, he almost f

forgot about the stuffed animal he was clutching. Moving the object to let it flop at his side Dam blushed even more at the fact that he was caught buying toys.

"Is that penguin for you?"Phil asked again wanting to coo and hug the tiny boy in front of him when he nodded."It is so cute."

"Yeah, his name is Zander!" Dan explained to him no longer ashamed of the toy. " Also my name is Daniel but you can call me Dan." The small boy explained petting the penguin.

"It's nice to meet you again Dan," Phil told him happy to see him again. Phil was now he wouldn't have to work many more hours. After Phil told the pastel boy his name they exchanged phone number, after Phil told Dan he should come back to the baker later that day. Dan could not wait to see the tall boy called Phil again agreed too.

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