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Philip Lester had spent the past 20 minutes staring at a digital clock that sat on the counter a foot away from him. It was about 10 o'clock on a Saturday and he found himself having to work. Though there was no one in the store or would be for some while, the store had to be open; for the late night sugar addicts. He was unsure as to why his uncle, the owner of the shop felt they needed to be open this late. It was 10 pm and he was eager to get home to his pet kitten, Goose.

The familiar sound of the cafe doorbell sounded and Phil instinctively looked up.In the doorway stood a tall lanky boy dressed in a sweater, for a brief minute to Cafe turned cool as the cool outside air floated in but it was quickly withdrawn. As he walked in Phil eyed him closely."Hello, how can I help you?" Phil greeted, he kept a smile on his face despite the worry inside him of being robbed, he was not paid enough to handle that.

The boy looked rather thin and too pale to actually look like he was some hard criminal. In fact, Phil decided that this boy was not a criminal after he took in his full appearance. Dresses in all pastels, he looked to be very young, no older than 17 or 18."Just a cookie please, anyone will do." With that, Phil grabbed 5 sugar cookies shoving them in a bag before handing it to the boy.Sure he may get in trouble for giving away products but he would take it out of his pay if he got caught. Though most of the time no one noticed when he ate the delicious cookies."I can only afford one." The customer said as he noticed what Phil was doing.

Phil smiled sympathetically at the boy. He looked rather worn out and tired, Phil found him wanting to hug the boy."That will be 1.00$," Phil told him after getting a strange look from the brown haired boy.

"Smile," Phil instructed and if on queue the boy smiled. "You just pay me with your cuteness." Phil wasn't lying, the boy was very adorable. And he was more than willing to let a few cookies go to make the oy happy

Nodding the un-named boy took his cookies and left with a huge smile not before telling the kind boy behind the counter "Thank you."

For the rest of the night Phil couldnt help but think of the boy he had met. Phil knew that he had to find the boy again.

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