I am dead . I am dead . Omg omg omg !! We are so dead.  Cody , and Deni smirked at us and Rick cracking his knuckles . Before they could realise I shut the door in their face and locked it. 
" What do we do ?!" Hanna panicked . Well we all were.  I pointed at the window ignoring them banging on the door.  I let others climb down first before myself climbing out. Gently holding the branches we made our way down . As soon as we reached the bottom we bolted towards the car .
' almost there .' i was about to press the unlock button when i was picked up and throw over a shoulder. 
I gasped at the impact , coughing a little . Rick tightened his hold and carried me towards the house .
" Put me down you .. you baboon ! " I shouted hitting his back his shoulders shook from laughing . I saw Cody had Jess on his shoulder , like me and Deni somehow managing to drag Hanna and Amber .
Derek and his friends sat in the living room and Bella on his lap . She saw me and frowned looking at me struggle . I continued hitting Rick's back and panicked when he made way to the pool .
" Rick . Omg . I sorry , don't do this ." Increase my struggle. 
" You should have thought about this before messing with us , babe." I know he was enjoying this . Without a word he threw me in the pool and i screamed . The others were also thrown inside . I raised to the surface and gasped, coughing a little. 
The boys (our friends)  were laughing their asses of while the bad boys frowning a little . I glared at the boys one more time before getting of the pool .
The backdoor opened again and a few maids brought in some towels and i have them a gentle smile . Squeezing my hair of excess water i dried them with the towel and ignored the others completely.  Small footsteps came in my direction followed by sniffles . I turned around quickly and saw Bella's lip trembling and unshed tears . The boys stopped laughing and looked at her with concern .
Kneeling down to her level i caught her hands .
" Bella honey . What happened ? " She refused to look in my eyes. 
" Are you mad at me ? Because i helped Wick ." A small tear escaped her eye . Aw my sweetheart . Smiling softly at her i kissed her cheek .
" I can never be mad at you Bella . You know i love you ." Whispering softly.  She smiled and suddenly her eyes glistening with mischief .
" I will tell daddy what they did !! " She squeaked. 
" Yes Bella , tell your dad what they did !" Hanna said smiling fondly at her .
" What ?! No Bella don't do this to us ! " Cody yelled before kneeling down in front of her and i Smirked . Bella ignored them and ran inside.  I looked up and saw Derek looking at me smiling " you will catch a cold ." He stated , pointing at my clothes . I blushed realising my clothes stuck to me like second skin . Quicky we made our way inside to our rooms and in the bathroom .
Taking a nice long shower i washed my hair of the pool water . Wrapping the towel around myself i stepped outside the bathroom , but stopped dead in track .
Derek on my bed . Derek looking at me . I am in a towel . And ladies and gentlemen I present you the darkest shade of red . Right on my cheeks .
" What are you doing here ?!" I squeaked holding the towel closer to my body . He remained tensed , eyes wide and staring at me . I quickly dashed to my closet and closed the door behind . Taking deep breaths i tried to calm myself down . Quickly  wearing my undergarments,  sweatpants and a shirt i opened the door and saw Derek , with his face in his hands . He looked at me when he saw me enter the room again and stood up , walking closer .
" I'm sorry , Olivia . I.. i did not .. shit man ... I did not mean to make you uncomfortable . " He mumbled as he ran his hands through his hair . I was still blushing but nodded my head .
We stood in an awkward silence before he cleared his throat .
" You did not get hurt did you ? When he threw you in the pool ? " His eyes showing concern as he ran his eyes on my visible body parts checking for any injuries .
" No I'm fine . Thanks for asking ." Smiling at his concern. I moved to my bed and sat down patting down next to me . He got my message and sat next to me .
" So how are you guys here ?" Shifting into a more comfortable position . He smirked and gave me a smug look.
" Your friends made a deal with us ." I frowned .
" What deal ?" He turned to me and took my hand in his and interwined our fingers together . My heart skipped a beat .
" That if we help them find you girls , we get to know where you live . " Giving me a cheeky smile . I frowned .
" Why would you want to know where we live ?"
He ran his thumb on my hand gently , looking at our hands .
" You know where i live , it's only fair .And anyways i can come and see my princess anytime i want now ." He smirked .
" No you can't come here anytime you want . I don't think my father likes you , for whatever reason . If he drops by , you and most probably me , are dead ! " His Smirk widened . Did he really wanted to anger dad .
" Derek . It's not funny . I don't want dad to get mad . But if you want to come by , you can always ask , you know ! " Batting my eyelashes at him . His smirk dropped . Putting his free hand on my cheek he gently ran his thumb . I leaned to his touch . His eyes went to my lips as he licked his dry lips . Slowly leaning forward he was about to kiss when the door opened followed by loud coughing . I jumped back and turned towards the door .
Rick stood there grinning like an idiot . " Did i inturreped​ something ? " blushing​ i and looked away and Derek glared at him .
" What are you here for ? " I narrowed my eyes at him .
" Hanna said you did not eat anything since morning so I came to call you both down for lunch . " He shrugged but smile in place . I sighed and rubber my belly .
" Yeah I'm hungry . Let's go !" Jumping from the bed and practically ran down . I entered the kitchen and saw everyone there . Bella on Amber's lap as she played with her . She saw me and hopped of her lap and came towards me a toy in her hand.
" Lia ! I got a new toy ! Cody gave me a fuffy dog ! It's shooo cute ! " She jumped up and down , hugging the stuffed toy closer to her heart . 
Oh god . She is so cute . I smiled and picked her up twirling her around as she squeaked . " Yeah , and what's his name . Did you keep one ? " I placed her on the counter .
" No , but i will call him puppy !" Playing with it .
I noticed how everyone was sitting then . Noah and Amy near each other , Logan and Hanna leaning against the counter , and Jess and Adam on the other kitchen chair . Deni and Cody entered with pizzas and put them on the counter .
" We brought food ! " i raised my eyebrow at Cody and said
" You bribed my sister . " He shrugged sheepishly .
" Better that being skinned alive for makeing one daughter cry and throwing the other in a pool . " i shook my head and we all dug in.  Everyone talked and laughed . And let me tell you this , the boys are like best friends already . Turns out Cody and Noah both are computer geniuses , Logan is the funny one in the group like Cody and Deni , Adam and Derek are more serious types almost like Rick  but pretty nice . Well Derek totally is . It was 4:00 and boys had to leave .
We walked them out and Derek stayed next to me , he leaned in and whispered in my ear . " We will continue where we left of next time princess ."
My eyes widened a bit as he kissed my forehead before heading of to his rover . They left and the boys turned to us .
" So when are the babies coming ." Cody raised his eyebrows . We gasped and stuttered . They just laughed and went inside while we stayed like this . I turned towards them .
" Sooo what happened ? " Playing with the hem of my shirt .
" Well ... Umm .. let's go inside and talk . Yeah ? Amber said rubbing the back of her neck . We walked up to my room and Bella followed behind . Locking the door we sat on the bed .

" So what did your boys do to have you all flushed ? " I asked as i fixed Bella's hair . Hanna coughed and the other two refused to meet my eyes .
" Well Umm Noah and i .. uh we were .. you know .. makingoutonthebedwhenRickcamein." Amber rushed out .
" Okay . A little slowly this time. " She was red .
" We were making out after he asked me out ,when Rick came in . " Mumbling quietly .
" What ! " Hanna's eyes widened .
" Logan like asked me on a date . " She smiled a little . And Jess just looked at her hands .
" Jess ? " She looked up and she was blushing . " Um Adam .. he uh ... Kinnda asked for my number and maybe on a date !"

" There they go again doing the same thing at the same time . " I sighed shaking my head .
Bella turned in my direction and looked at me with big eyes .
" Are you going to marry Dewek " smiling a little .
" Wha- Bella baby No ! I mean I-I .. i don't know ! " She frowned
" I want you to marry Dewek . He nice ." I just stared at her while the girls chuckled. 
" Have you seen your face . You are red as a tomato ! " Hanna laughed . Groaning i covered my face with a pillow . Bitches ! .
After our girly talk we walked to the training room and straight to the gym . I don't think i can run anymore today so its just a little cardio and bench press . We worked out for one hour before the boys came in .
" Hey . Mr White called . You were not picking the phone up . He wants both you and Bella home . " He said passing me my phone .
Wiping the sweat of my face i dialed dad's number .

" Hey dad , you called ?" Moving up to my room .
" Yes , i need you and Bella here in half an hour ." His voice forced . Was he angry ? 
" Ok , will be there ! " I took a quick shower and went to Bella's room .
" Come on princess . Daddy wants us home . " Smiling at her as her face lit up . We walked downstairs and i said my byes to my friends . Amber was teaching the girls sword fighting . Anyways .

We reached home in 15 minutes and i picked Bella up as she brought her 'puppy' with her . Knocking on the door i waited for guard to open it . As i moved inside i heard talking in the living room and walked up to the noise .
Dad was scowling and talking to a person who i could not see and mom was no where to be seen .
" Dada! " Bella ran up to him and his face expression changed immediately . He smiled and picked her up as i walked behind her .
The person on the chair got up and turned towards me and smiled 
" Hello Olivia. Nice seeing you again."

" Mr Valton ! Nice seeing you too "  again ."  I covered my shock . Mom's laughter filled the room and looking up i saw Derek walk behind her . His smile grew when he saw me . He was about to come in my direction when my father blocked his way .
Derek sighed. 
Bella was too happy to see him , from dads arms she extended her tiny hands indicating him to take her .
" Dewek !" She smiled at him . Derek returned her smile and made a move to pick her up . Dad passed Bella to me and glared at Derek again .

" Dad , why do you keep glaring at him . He's friends with Bella too . " Trying to not sound amused .
I sighed and sat down next to mom who was enjoying this to much .

" So why did you call us home ? " Placing Bella in mom's lap and relaxing a bit . Dad's lips pressed in a thin line and his eyes hardened .

" Oh honey ! Your dad and i have to go off to Italy tonight . It's very urgent and dad does not want you alone , even with security so Damien proposed you can stay at his place ! " She must be gloating . Damien smiled gently at me while Derek almost seemed victorious . Dad just stood there angry . Getting up from my seat i grabbed his hand .
" Excuse us please ." And took him into the study . His face almost defeated .
" I don't trust that Derek kid !" He exclaimed . I smiled at him .
" You don't trust anyone with us dad . " Pointing out . He scowled .
" He gets to close to you ! To close ! " Almost shouting . I chuckled slightly and his head wiped in my direction .
" It's not funny Olivia !" I grabbed his hands and said .
" He is Damien's son . Your best friends . Dad not everyone is like Parker . I was immature , defenceless at that time . Not now ! I have my friends and you guys . Derek and his friends have been nothing but nice to us since we came here . Other boys are not like this - " he looked at me and sighed .
" We will be alright dad . If you trust Damien i don't think he would let anything happen to us ."  Dad nodded and kissed my forehead .
" You have grown up so much . I'm proud of you honey . " Giving him a cheeky smile we made our way downstairs .
We will be living with Hudson's for a week .Oh boy this week will be something else !

Hey guys . How are you all going . Sorry for the late update . It's busy here ! I have school and all . You know being an Indian is not easy 😭 . Anyways i hope you enjoyed the chapter . I will be a little late to update , but it will all come . Thank you all for supporting my work so far .
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