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Chapter one - pop another bottle!

My school. This was my school. Okay so maybe not technically but I made everyone believe that. I was more popular then the most loved girl in school. No I didn't do some amazing thing that she loved and put me ahead of her.

No, I was the schools bad girl.

And I'm being serious. I did petty little thefts, crashed parties, didn't listen to anyone, sometimes ended up in jail over night and I loved my life like that. The only thing standing in my way from being the baddest in school was...

Scott Reid.

Yep the school's bad boy. He did little thefts too, crashed parties, refused to listen to people, I've even spent the night in jail with him. To say we were good friends was the understatement of the century. Sure we played the same game; we even did something's together like crashing parties and spending the night in jail, but we were NOT friends.

Nope we were far from it. Don't get me wrong, Scott is hot. With his dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect abs, even more perfect tan but I pushed past that. I saw him as my enemy and I always will. But when things come to certain points we couldn't just control ourselves.

It was much easier to show then tell people. Though it was all secret which made it even more fun. I could feel the cool wall through my shirt and those warm hands moving down over my thighs. Unable to help the moan escaping my mouth I arched my back. I pushed on his shoulders sending him backwards. His blue eyes looking at me and I almost melted the floor.

I licked my lips moving forward and jumped up so I could wrap my legs around his waist. His hands cupped my ass pushing me into him and I attacked his neck and jaw line. Getting lost in it I bounced back into reality when someone knocked on the door. Before either of us could do anything the door opened and I heard a snicker.

'well, well, well. What a pleasant surprise' the snarky voice muttered and I rolled my eyes knowing exactly who it was. I was lowered to the ground and I turned pulling on the string. The light burst the room to brightness revealing all the janitors equipment.

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