Who Would Have Thought Part 9.

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I finish shower and changed into some jeans and a shirt when I heard the door open. I put my shirt down properly and looked to see Bella and Gigi smirking at me.

Y/n:"What?"I asked confused. They shook their heads and smiled at me.

Bella:"Nothing...come on were waiting for you"She said. I nodded and put my shoes and jersey on. I walked down and saw everyone talking. I sat between Hailey and Kylie.

Y/n:"People..."I said greeting all of them. They mumbled a few hello's and went back on their phones.

Kendall:"Hey Y/n/n?"She asked. I looked at her and nodded.

Y/n:"Yes?"I asked.

Kendall:"The girls and I wanna go to my place for a sleepover since all their stuff is there...can you drive us?"She asked. I could everyone was a bit drained from today's events so I nodded.

Y/n:"Sure...and your sisters?"I asked.

Tyga:"We got it"He said. I nodded and woke up looking at them.

Y/n:"Alright, should we go before it gets late?"I asked. They nodded and got up. I was standing with the guys outside waiting for the girls making conversation.

Abel:"We're gonna go to my place and chill for a while...wanna come?"He asked. I nodded and smiled.

Y/n:"Yeah...I've been dying for some down time"I said. They nodded and gave me small smiles.

Zayn:"We can tell"He said laughing. I nodded and laughed as well. I saw all the girls walk out and Kylie lock up.

Kylie:"Alright...let's go"She said.

Y/n:"Alright let's get going..."I said opening the doors for them. I helped them all get in the car and walked to the driver side.

Tyga:"We'll meet you at Ken's"He said. I nodded and started the car.

Y/n:"You got it"I said. We started driving to Ken's and I could see the girls smirking at me making me a little uncomfortable. I turned to look at Hailey and saw admiring the city lights as we drove.

Gigi:"Y/n/n can you put some music on?"She asked. I nodded and handed them my phone.

Y/n:"Go crazy"I said. They looked through my phone and smiled big at me.

Kendall:"By any chance...do you have any of your new music here?"She asked. I chuckled and shook my head.

Y/n:"Nope and knowing you girls it's a good thing I didn't"I said making them pout"You will just have to wait till my concert ladies"I said.

Gigi:"Fine then I'm playing the song you did with my boyfriend"She said. I heard I don't wanna live forever playing and chuckled. I looked at Hailey and saw a small smile make it's way onto her lips. She looked at and smiled.

Hailey:"I don't wanna live forever....."She sang. All the girls looked at us and sang.

Gigi:"Cause I know I'll be livin in vain"She sang. I chuckled while they all sang the songs while we drove to Kendall's house. We arrived at Kendall's place making the girls pout.

Bella:"Aww it's over"She said. I chuckled and hopped out opening the doors for them.

Y/n:"Sadly"I said making them laugh and get out. I walked to Hailey's side and opened the door for her. The girls all walked in Ken's house while I walked with Hailey. The guys were waiting for me while I walked her.

I've been dying to ask Hailey something and I'm extremely nervous to do so. I tried to calm down and relax and just ask her. I took a deep breathe when we approached Kendall's front door and looked at her.

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