Who Would Have Thought Part 8.

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I was sitting with Kylie and the girls who are all pretty shocked by the events that just took place. I couldn't believe Y/n would do that but then again she is extremely protective over Kendall and her sisters including everyone she cares about.

I saw both of them walking over to us, well more like Kendall dragging Y/n here making me laugh. We all sat down and looked at Y/n who grabbed a drink and downed it one shot.

Zayn:"That was brutal Y/n"He said. She just shrugged and took another shot.

Bella:"Okay...I admit it wasn't the best thing to do but she did ask nicely"She said defending Y/n who just drank more. I studied her for a moment and I could tell something was off.

Abel:"You okay Y/n/n?"He asked. She nodded and put the shot glass down.

Y/n:"Oh yeah...Ky where's all the vodka?"She asked. Kylie looked at her and smirked.

Kylie:"You know you're 15 and I shouldn't be letting you drink right?"She asked Y/n who just nodded and woke up.

Y/n:"I've done much worse"She said looking at Kendall and then at the ground"I'm gonna head inside"She said walking in the house.

I could tell there was something Y/n and Kendall and everyone else was hiding from me but I couldn't place my finger on it. I sighed and woke looking at everyone.

Hailey:"I'm gonna go and check on Y/n"I said making all of them nod. I walked in and saw her with a glass of Vodka and cranberry juice making me laugh at her"Really?"I asked. She flashed me and smile and nodded.

Y/n:"It calms me"She said. I nodded and sat next to her. She looked at me and gave me a heart melting smile which I returned. I frowned a little remembering earlier events.

Hailey:"I've never seen that side of you..."I said making her look at me and frown.

Y/n:"I know and I'm sorry"She said taking a deep breathe and looking at me"But I didn't like the way his eyes were wondering..."She said taking a sip of her drink and putting it down. 

Hailey:"I know Y/n/n but his eyes are always scanning Kenny"I said. She looked at me and bit her lip.

Y/n:"Hailey I did it because he was starring at you"She said. I looked at her shocked. Did she really just say that.

Hailey:"Wait...really?"I asked. I was beyond confused and shocked at this point. Why would she do that...?

Y/n:"Yes, I didn't like the way he was looking at you...it ticked me off"She said clenching her jaw. God that looks so hot...fuck me!

Hailey:"Okay..but Jordan always does that Y/n/n. He's a perv so we don't really pay much attention to it"I said. She bit her lip and nodded"But why?"I asked. She looked at me confused.

Y/n:"Why what?"She asked.

Hailey:"Why would you do that?"I asked. She looked as if she was trying to figure out something and then took a deep breathe.

Y/n:"Because....I like you"She said. I looked at her wide eyed. What the actual fuck.

Hailey:"You-You like me?"I asked. She let out a nervous laugh and nodded.

Y/n:"I've liked you for a while actually...."She said. I looked at her shocked. To have her say this to me is the most amazing feeling ever.

Hailey:"Really?"I asked. I know I was asking a lot of questions but I just wanted to check if I wasn't dreaming or anything.

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