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You were walking along the pathway in the woods, looking for a spot to inspire you to paint. As you walk something catches your eye on the ground. You approach carefully then crouch down and inspect it.

You quickly realize that it's an explosive disguised as a spider. You were impressed. It was quite beautiful.

"Well aren't you a beauty. Too bad." You charge your finger with electricity and zap it, turning it to mush and completely useless. Then you continue on your way. You stop when you come to a cliff overlooking a huge area of forest.

The green trees crowd the landscape, a river cuts boldly through, and there is even a field with beautiful sunflowers. This is exactly what you were looking for.

You remove your (f/c) shirt to reveal the white paint stained one underneath. You remove your black pants to reveal the white shorts that are equally as stained. You set up your portable easel and art book. Then out come the paints and brushes.

You pull your long (h/c) hair into a ponytail and get to work creating your art. The color splashes onto the page into beautiful abstract art. Colors of pink, yellow, blue, and green boldly stand on the page.

Finally, you felt satisfied with the picture. You stepped back to admire your work and let the paint dry.

Suddenly! You heard someone behind you. You drew your kunai and spun around ready to attack.

A blond man with part of his hair in a ponytail wearing a black robe with red clouds stood before you. "Woah! Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you, hn."

"Why are you here?!" You demanded.

"You admired my art, so the least I could do is admire yours." He smirked at you.

You were surprised. Not many you came across knew true art when they saw it. "You like my art?"

"It's magnificent! hn."

"When did I see yours?"

The blond reached into a large bag that was hidden under his cloak and waited a few moments. When he pulled his hand out, he revealed as bird much in the same style as the spider you'd seen earlier.

"Ah, so you're the one behind the art that could have killed me."

"That's right!" He stated proudly.

"Well, it's nice to meet a fellow artist for once. What's your name?"

"Deidara, hn. And may I have your name?"

Of course he could have it! "(Y/N). It's nice to meet you, Deidara. Glad to see someone in this world still understands what true art is."

"What do you see as true art, hn?"

"True art... is an explosion of color!" You express yourself by throwing your hands into the air.

"I couldn't agree more, hn." Deidara sent his bird flying into the air and set it off after it was a safe distance away.

You were captivated by the yellows and oranges that emitted from the explosion. "As beautiful as any painting." You turned back to him and placed your hands on your hips and shifted your weight.

Deidara drew near to you and locked his light blue eyes with your (e/c) ones. His breathing had become shallow and you could feel the sexual tension.

He was completely captivating and his golden hair was gorgeous. You stood there toe to toe with him for what felt like forever.

Your hand moved on its own and seamlessly pulled the tie out of his hair.

"What did you do that for, hn." His voice was full of lust.

"It'll make this easier." You reply and grab a handful of his perfect hair then using it to force your mouths together.

Even the kiss was fiery and your whole body started to heat up. Your lips danced with his as you dominated. Deidara kissed back with just as much determination as the two of you stumbled about.

The passion only grew and Deidara boldly explored your body with his hands, caressing every curve. You backed him into a tree and quickly removed the cloak he was wearing. You didn't bother to look at what he was wearing but instead pressed your body to his.

His erection was clearly felt on your leg and you felt yourself continue to get wetter. The two of you removed each other's shirts and discarded them. He attacked your neck and you ran your hand firmly over his firm manhood. He grunted his approval and bit down on your neck's soft spot.

You forced his shoulders to the tree and kissed his mouth then worked your way to his neck and down his torso. When you reached his pants, you practically tore them open and took him into your mouth.

A loud gruntled moan escaped him and he weaved his hands through your (h/c) hair, after removing your ponytail tie. You bobbed your head and his moans echoed through the air.

Finally, he'd had enough. He pulled you off of him and flipped the two of you around so that your back was now against the tree. He removed your shorts and lifted you up so that your thighs were on his shoulders. His warm tongue licked and flicked your wet folds.

You cried out your satisfaction as your body flared up in pleasurable heat. He then tore off your bra and placed his palms on your bosom. You cried out in surprise when you realized that his hands had mouths on them.

He smirked against your wet womanhood then took it up a notch. He became ravenous with his mouth and his hands. You screamed your pleasure, not caring if anyone heard you.

He drove you wild till you were almost at the breaking point then stopped. He lowered you until you were being prodded by his proud member. He thrust into you, causing both of you to moan loudly your pleasure.

He drove into you relentlessly causing your breasts to bounce. He grunted his pleasure as you gasped and moaned yours. He was driving deep into you. Each thrust took you higher and higher on your trip over the moon.

His member grew harder and longer and you felt yourself reaching your end. Your vocalization only grew louder as the passion drove the pace faster. You slap your hands onto his shoulders as the next few blissful thrusts send you over the edge. You cried out your release and your walls tighten around him. He buries his face into your bosom and grunts loudly as he reaches his own release.

The two of you stay there for a moment, panting and trying to catch your breath. You feel your legs are trembling as a residual effect from the immense pleasure you just received.

"I think... you need to stay with" Deidara huffs.

"Oh...? And... why is that...?"

"Because... no art... can express... the pleasure... you just gave me..."

You nodded your agreement. "As long... as we can... do it again..."

"Absolutely... hn."   

Hope you guys liked this. As always, let me know what you think. I had so much fun writing this one. Happy fantasies, everyone. ;) (Requests are still open.)

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