Who Would Have Thought Part 7.

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Y/n:"Uh in a few...why?"I asked.

Kylie:"Just asking...see you later, love you"She said. I chuckled and got up.

Y/n:"Alright bye Ky! Love you too"I said before hanging up. I slipped my shoes on and walked down to see Kendall and Hailey talking. They stopped and smiled at me.

Hailey:"Morning"She said smirking. I looked at her confused but smiled.

Y/n:"Morning"I greeted them. I sat between Kendall and Hailey making myself comfortable"How you doing?"I asked looking at Kendall.

Kendall:"I'm okay..I guess"She said shrugging. Okay now I was really going to beat the shit out of Jordan Lameson.

Y/n:"Kenny you shouldn't beat yourself up about this...."I said knowing Kendall is over thinking things"Come on lets just get ready and go for Kylie's thing"I said.

Hailey:"Y/n/n's right"She said. Kendall nodded and got up.

Kendall:"You still got some of my stuff here?"She asked Hails who nodded. She went upstairs leaving Hailey and me alone.

Hailey:"You're quite the cuddler"She said making me look at her confused.

Y/n:"I am?"I said which came out like a question. She nodded and woke up giving me a full view of her ass. Yip god bless america.

Hailey:"You didn't wanna let me go this morning...literally. I had to wait for you to loosen your grip a little and then make an escape"She said making me chuckle and scratch my neck.

Y/n:"Yeah sorry about that..."I said. She giggled and walked up the stairs.

Hailey:"It's fine plus you were warm"She said making me smile. I waited for the girls to get ready and killed some time by going on my phone. I heard footsteps making me look up. I looked at Hailey and probably started drooling.

Y/n:"Woah..."I said looking at her from head to toe. Kendall my head making me snap put of my gaze.

Hailey:"Guess your dream finally came true"She said laughing making me smirk. Let me tell you Hailey+A bikini=A very blessed life and eye balls.

Y/n:"Guess it did"I said. They grabbed their stuff and hopped in my car"I'm gonna go to my place to freshen up...wanna come or should drop you off at Ky's?"I asked.

Kendall:"We'll come with you"She said. I nodded and started driving to my house. We arrived at my place and I parked the car. They jumped out and Hailey's jaw dropped.

Y/n:"Welcome to my palace Hails"I said looking at her.

Hailey:"I don't think the pictures of your house did justice"She said making both Kendall and myself laugh

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Hailey:"I don't think the pictures of your house did justice"She said making both Kendall and myself laugh.

Y/n:"My parents thought it would be a great idea to buy it...I love it more then our other house"I said walking up to the door. I unlocked the door and walked in to see a note from my parents.

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