Who Would Have Thought Part 7.

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I took a deep breathe and jumped off the car. I must of sat in the car for an hour or so just thinking. I opened the door and closed it quietly careful not to wake the girls up. I sat on the couch and tilted my head back letting out a small groan.

Hailey:"Y/n/n"She said walking to the couch. I lifted my head up and gave her a small smile.

Y/n:"Hey..."I said. She sat next to me and looked at me.

Hailey:"You okay?"She asked. I nodded and chuckled a little.

Y/n:"Why wouldn't I be?"I questioned looking at her. She moved closer to me rested her hand on my knee.

Hailey'"Because I know how you are with them..especially Kendall and Kylie"She said. God if you only knew

Y/n:"They're important to me so yeah...I'm just pissed at Jordan"I said anger evident in my voice.

Hailey:"I can tell..."She said referring to my tone of voice. I sighed and laid back on the couch.

Y/n:"This is why I don't like him Hails...he just uses girls and I don't want that for you'll"I said. The thought of Jordan even touching any of the girls in that way made me want to rip his head out.

Hailey:"So are you planning on guarding all of us then?"She asked with a smirk. I chuckled and nodded.

Y/n:"Yeah but I'll spend most of my time with you"I said winking making her blush. She woke and stuck her hand out.

Hailey:"Come on let's sleep"She said. I sighed and woke up following her. She walked us to her room and I looked at her confused.

Y/n:"Uh what about the guest room?"I asked. She looked at me and pouted.

Hailey:"Its free but I..I thought we could resume our cuddle session"She said shyly.  I smirked and nodded.

Y/n:"Okay then"I said making her look at me shocked. I chuckled and looked at her"I'm not gonna give up a opportunity to cuddle with a girl especially you"I said making her blush.

We walked into her room and her sweet scent hit me making my stomach feel all warm and fuzzy. I followed her to the bed and crawled under the covers with her. She laid her head on my chest and sighed.

Hailey:"I find it amazing how comfortable I'm with you already"She said. I hummed and nodded.

Y/n:"Same here...I guess there something about you Baldwin"I said making her giggle. God I loved that sound.

Hailey:"Hmm and I guess there's something about you Y/l/n"She said making me chuckle. I kissed her head and smiled.

Y/n:"Good night Hails"I said. She smiled and looked up kissing my cheek.

Hailey:"Good Night Y/n/n"She said. I smiled and closed my eyes as I felt her arms wrap around me.

I groaned a little as I saw a bright light. I looked for Hailey to find her gone making me groan more. I was so comfortable. I opened my eyes a little and rubbed them adjusting to the light. I heard my phone go off and grabbed it.

Y/n:"Hello"I said into the phone. I heard a giggle I could spot from a mile away.

Kylie:"Morning Y/n/n"She said. I chuckled a little and smiled.

Y/n:"Morning Ky"I said.

Kylie:"I just wanted to know what time you guys will be coming over to mines?"She asked.

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