21- Encounters

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Percy's PoV:

Just before we were going to take the right turn, we heard some voices. I pulled Rachel down with me and we hid. I tried my best to eavesdrop on the voices.

"Stop struggling, you pesky little girl!" I heard a familiar deep voice growl.

"I'm not a pesky little girl!" I heard a familiar girl's voice scream with rage. Just then, I heard a very painful sound of a punch. The deep voice howled. It dawned on to me, who these voices belonged to. I stood up and dragged Rachel with me, taking the turn.

"Artemis!" I shouted. But just then, a door appeared and the cyclops took it. I was going to run after them but the door disappeared after the cyclops entered. I dropped to my knees. "Artemis..."

Artemis' PoV:

"Artemis!" I heard a familiar voice and tried to look at my back but just then, the cyclops entered a door and I couldn't see the person who shouted my name anymore. I was pretty sure that it was Perseus who shouted. I stopped struggling at the thought of Percy. I got some hope because he was coming to save me but I also saddened because I couldn't get to be with him.

The cyclops put me down suddenly. I looked around to see nothing but blinding darkness.

"Master," The cyclops said the word 'Master' with so much distaste. "I brought the goddess."

"Good." A deep and ancient voice spoke out of nowhere. "Take her to the blonde girl. And make sure that the blonde will not get any stupid ideas."

"Yes master." The cyclops dragged me again while I struggled. He stopped when we got to the destination. This time, there was a little light. I saw a silhouette of a figure of a girl who seemed to be carrying something above her shoulders. The cyclops pushed me beside the figure. Suddenly the figure moved and a crushing weight dropped on my shoulders. I struggled to find a good position and tried to lift the weight with my hands but I could only stop it from crushing me. I was already too strained by the weight.

"Finally, I don't have to carry that thing anymore." I heard the voice of a girl speak. Slowly, it started dawning on me that the weight I was carrying was the sky. I also got an idea of who that deep and ancient voice belonged to. But who was this girl... The cyclops grabbed the girl.

"Don't think of getting any ideas, daughter of Athena." Polyphemus said. Daughter of Athena?

"Let me go!" The girl struggled against the cyclops.

"Let's take you to master." Then he turned to me. "Don't let the sky crush you, Artemis." With that, they left me and disappeared into the darkness.

Percy's PoV:

I punched my fist on the ground making a hole. I was so angry that I couldn't reach Artemis in time. Rachel put her hand on my shoulder.

"Percy, it would be best if we just continue our journey." She said. I stood up and tightened my grip on Riptide, making my knuckles turn white.

"Let's go." I gritted my teeth. We took a left turn and faced a dead end. I just punched my way through the wall to end up in another corridor. Rachel just stared at me with her jaw on the floor. I dragged her with me to the corridor and when I looked back, the wall that I punched had already repaired itself and went back to its old dead end self. We ventured deeper into the corridor and smelled something nice.

"Why do I smell McDonald's?" Rachel asked me. My stomach growled. It had been a long time since I got to eat something. We went forward and heard a voice. I stopped walking when my pocket started to burn again. This time, it was the figurine of Hades. It glowed like a weird magic beacon.

"Bianca, where do you think we can find the last figurine? It's the only one I'm missing and it's our father's figurine." I heard the voice of a boy. Figurine? I looked at the figurine on my hand which had stopped glowing. I gestured to Rachel with my head to continue moving forward.

There we saw a little boy wearing all black sitting on the ground with a deck of cards and many figurines. Beside him was a pale white girl who looked like a ghost. When the boy saw us, he stood up and got out a Stygian Iron sword.

"Who are you?" He backed up to the wall.

"We are not here to harm you." I slowly raised my hands as a gesture of peace. "We are just some other people who are venturing in this labyrinth." He slowly lowered his sword. I took that as a sign to sit down opposite of him and Rachel followed my example. "So I heard that you're missing a figurine. I guess it's this one." I gave him the figurine I was holding. His eyes widened.

"This is the one! Bianca, I finally have the last one!" He said to the ghostly looking girl who just smiled. "But who are you? How come you have this figurine?" He looked at me suspiciously.

"Oh me? You can call me Percy. Well someone gave me that figurine and I just guessed that maybe that figurine was the one you're missing." I told him the half-truth. He looked at Rachel. "And this is Rachel." I gestured at Rachel. "What's your name?"

"I'm Nico. And this is Bianca, my sister." He gestured at the pale girl.

"I'm guessing you're a demigod. What are you doing here?" He nodded.

"I'm the son of Hades. I'm here in this labyrinth so I would not get caught for being the son of the Lord of the Underworld. I am also collecting these Mythomagic collectables so I use the labyrinth to navigate. How did you know that I was a demigod?"

"Would a normal person have a Stygian Iron sword? And it's a very bad idea to use the labyrinth as a hiding place, you know." I told him.

"Yeah I know but it's good enough for me. But why are you with a mortal?"

"Why are you with a ghost?" Nico's face darkened.

"You knew huh." His voice sounded deadly calm.

"It's pretty obvious." I just remained calm and cool.

"Let's not talk about that and answer my question." His glare seemed to be trying to make a hole through me.

"It's because I need her in this quest. So, what are you going to do now?" He went back to the normal color.

"I'm going to go to my father since I found the last figurine already." I raised my eyebrow.

"You mean you're going to go to the Underworld?" He nodded.

"Ohh. You know you could just go to Camp Half Blood." His face darkened again.

"I do not belong there. I think I should go now." We stood up.

"Hope we would meet again." Nico smiled a slightly creepy smile.

"Yeah, we would. Nice to have met you Lord Perseus." I knitted my eyebrows. I was going to ask him how he knew who I was but he disappeared into the shadows with his sister.

I transformed Riptide back to its pen form and spun it in my hand. "How did he know that I was a god... Am I that famous?" I murmured to myself.

"Hey! Stop murmuring and let's go if you still want to save that person. We had enough encounters for today." I looked at Rachel and nodded.

I sighed. "Let's go then."

Word Count: 1285 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: March 17, 2017
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