Who Would Have Thought Part 5.

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Hailey:"I never thought of you in that way Y/n/n"She said. I looked at her to find some sort of hesitation in her answer but all I saw was honesty.

Y/n:"I just don't get why people make us out like that. I mean for some people yeah, they're players but what about the rest....It bugs me"I said. Something about Hailey made me wanted me to be more open about myself and my feelings which is very hard for me to get out.

Hailey:"I know....I mean when I came out about being Bi, some people judged me for it, where as some supported me"She said looking at me"It was hard to come to my family and friends because I thought I'd be judged but turns out they just wanted me to be happy"She said. I nodded and smiled at her.

Y/n:"I know...I was the same but my family were always opened minded people and never really cared for those things. They just wanted us to be happy and live life"I said. I took a deep breathe and looked at her"You know I've never really shared this kinda stuff with anyone..not even Kendall and Kylie or even my sisters"I said. She looked at me shocked.

Hailey:"Really?"She asked. I nodded and sighed.

Y/n:"I'm not really a open person...my past kinda screwed it up for me and made a very...closed off person you could say"I said. She looked at me with a frown on that beautiful face of hers.

Hailey:"What do you by your past screwed it up for you?"She asked. I sighed and looked at her deciding if I should tell her or not.

Y/n:"Okay...remember last year this time, I was dating someone"I said making her nod"Well when we started dating it was all new to both of us but nevertheless we cared about each other. She gave me all those feeling that you get when you're falling in love with someone and there was no doubt that I was falling for her"I said taking a deep breathe"And then she started drifting from me and everything just started to fade...the feelings, the comfort and the love. It all faded and I knew what was going to happen so I ended it"I said. She moved closer to me and I cleared my throat"Only to find out that she's been cheating on me for the past three months"I said. She looked at me lost for words.

Hailey:"Y/n/n....."She said with her voice laced in sadness. I looked down avoiding her gaze.

Y/n:"I know I'm still young and stuff but I really loved her...more then I expected to"I said choking up a little.

Hailey:"I'm sorry...."She said hugging me from the side and kissing my shoulder a little. She froze a little after but I turned and kissed her hand reassuring her that it's fine.

Y/n:"It's fine....I guess she wasn't the one for me"I said. She looked at me and nodded giving me a small smile.

Hailey:"Maybe there's someone who's gonna love you better and treat you better"She said. I nodded and gave her a small smile.

Y/n:"Maybe..."I said. We sat there and watched the sunset enjoying each others company and making small talk along the way.

Hailey made me feel so different. I didn't open up to anyone about my past and with her it was so easy,so calming and relaxing to me. She just sat there and listened...something that not much people did anymore. I couldn't help but admire how beautiful she was,inside and out making me more intrigued about her.

Y/n:"Do you want something to eat or anything love?"I asked. It was pretty late and we haven't eaten in a while. She looked at me and nodded.

Hailey:"Yes please! I'm starving"She said waking up. I chuckled and woke up and looked around trying to see what's close"We could go to Mac Donald's"She said.

Y/n:"Really?"I asked. She nodded and grabbed my hand pulling me to the car.

Hailey:"Yes! I haven't had Mac Donalds in forever and I've been dying for it so lets go"She said. I chuckled and let her drag me to the car. We hopped in my car and drove to Mac Donald's.

Y/n:"Drive through or order inside?"I asked as we arrived at Mac D. She looked at me and hummed.

Hailey:"Let's go inside" She said. I nodded and parked the car. Paparazzi were everywhere making me more annoyed.

Y/n:"Hold on"I said hopping out the car and walking to her side. I opened the door for her and helped her in Mac D. We got in and sighed in relief.

Hailey:"Finally!"She said holding my hand and pulling us to the line. We got a few started from people and a few girls looking at me and squealing making me chuckle"I think girls are having a few having attacks by seeing you here"She said. I nodded and chuckled.

Y/n:"Yeah they are but all I are about is the one next me"I said smiling at her. She blushed and looked down. We got to the front and greeted a girl in her 20's or so. She looked at us wide eyed but covered it up.

Girl:"Hi and how may I take your order?"She asked. We smiled at her and I looked at Hailey.

Y/n:"Go for it"I said. She smiled and looked at the menu and ordered. I watched her amazed. Wow this girl can eat. She looked at me and smiled.

Hailey:"What do you want?"She asked. I snapped out of it and smiled at the girl.

Y/n:"Uh I'll have what ever she's having"I said. The girl nodded and smiled.

Girl:"Takeaway or eat in?"She asked. I looked at Hailey and she nodded.

Hailey:"Eat in"She said. I paid for the food and found a booth for us. She looked at me shook her head"Again I could have paid"She said.

Y/n:"Again I asked you out therefore I pay"I said. She just shook her head and laughed a little.

Hailey:"So....why don't you like Jordan?"She asked. I looked at her and sighed.

Y/n:"I'd rather not touch that topic Hails"I said. She looked at me and pouted.

Hailey:"Please?"She asked. I looked at her and immediately regretted it. She looked so cute it wasn't even funny... She looked cuter then a bloody baby.

Y/n:"I just don't like him!"I said. She gave me a look and I sighed knowing she wouldn't give up"He's a complete dick in my books. He looks at girls like their meat and uses them. He's an absolute perv and not to mention he just uses you girls for the fame"I said. She looked at me shocked.

Hailey:"But he's already famous"She said. I chuckled and sat back looking at her.

Y/n:"Hails he may be famous but when he's seen with you girls it gives him more attention then he has. He hangs out with you girls for the extra attention he could catch and secondly he just wants you'll for the sex"I said. She looked at me shocked.


Y/n:"Love it's the truth"I said sighing"He has no respect for women and always pinned as the cheater in his relationships and he was even caught cheating on his ex's therefore I don't like him. He's just a douche bag basketball player that can't even play good basket ball"I said.

Hailey:"He's not that bad Y/n"She said. I sat back in my chair and sighed.

Y/n:"To me he is and I don't like him....plus he's a major fuckboy"I said making her laugh.

Hailey:"Aren't fuckboy's good looking?"She asked making me burst out laughing.

Y/n:"You're right there...."I said. We died down from our laughter and smiled at each other.

Hailey:"I think our food should be ready"She said. I nodded and got up.

Y/n:"I got it... Stay here"I said. She nodded and went on her phone. I walked up to the counter and smiled at the girl.

"Y/n?"I heard my name being called and turned around freezing.

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