Part 23*

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Shravan parked his car right in front of the Malhotra Mansion and Sumo and Shravan stepped out.  Sumo looked at Shravan who was looking at the house, in hatred.  She walked over to his side of the door and held his hand.

Sumo: Shravan I will always be with you.  (squeezing his hand)

Shravan: I know that Sumo, but I don't want to hurt you.  Sumo, whatever happens inside, I just want you to know that I have full faith in you. I know when I am angry I say things that I don't mean and end up hurting you. But Sumo, I don't mean any of it. I love you and my love for you will never change. Please don't leave me. (holding her hand firmly)

Sumo: I told you Shravan, I will never leave you again. 

Shravan and Sumo walk into the front door.  Inside Ramnath is drinking the coffee that Nirmala has served him. Lalaji and Varun are sitting on the couch chatting. And Kamini and Vandy are standing on the side, displeased with the scene in front of them.  Varun's eyes fall on Shravan and Sumo, who are standing at the entrance.

Varun: Shravan, Suman, why are you standing there? Come inside. 

Ramnath and Nirmala suddenly look up and see Shravan who is avoiding looking in their direction.

Sumo: Hi Varun Bhaiya! (Sumo pulls Shravan into the house)

Kamini: Suman beta! How are you now? You have no idea how worried we all were yesterday! Shavan Puttar's state was unbearable. 

Vandy: Yes Suman, next time if Shravan makes a mistake, make him buy you jewelry or a designer bag instead of leaving. It's way better than running away! 

Sumo: Vandy Bhabhi, the idea is not bad! (lighting up the mood) Right Shravan?!

Shravan: (looking at her) What? (lost)

Ramnath and Nirmala stand up and approach him.

Sumo: Namaste Ramnath Uncle, Nirmala Aunty. 

Ramnath: Suman Beta, how are you feeling now? 

Sumo: Much better Uncle. (smiling positively)

Shravan stares at the ground and Ramnath and Nirmala look at him, not knowing what to say.

Sumo: Shravan? 

Shravan: Ma, Papa (not a drop of love in the words) I need to talk to you. Alone.

Shravan: (kindly) Sumo, you go upstairs in my room. I will be there soon, ok? 

Sumo gives his hand a reassuring squeeze and then walks upstairs. Shravan follows Ramnath and Nirmala to their room.

Ramnath: Shravan Beta---------

Shravan: (cutting him off) There is no need to get excited! I am only here because Sumo told me to come here and talk to you.  She thinks that I should forgive you.

Nirmala: Thank you Shravan for forgiving us and--------

Shravan: Wait a minute, when did I say I forgave you? I have not forgiven nor forgotten anything. I am only here because Sumo said that she will forgive me if  I give you guys another chance. 

Ramnath: Thank you Shravan, for doing this, it really--------

Shravan: Let me be clear with you, Mr. Ramnath. I will call you Papa, but that is only for the world.  I do not respect nor love you anymore to call you Papa, the word will be an utter lie. And to this women standing right here I will do the same.  But don't be fooled, just because I call you Ma and Papa does not mean that the things I told you yesterday don't apply. I consider you two dead, but for Sumo's happiness I will tolerate you and stay in this house. 

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