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4 Years Ago
Danny was your average fourteen year old. He attended Casper High school with his two best friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley. Well he was somewhat average. You see, he's not normal. Danny is half ghost, or for a shorter term, a halfa. His parents are ghost hunters/scientists who built a portal in their basement to access a dimension know to them as the Ghost Zone. When they tried to turn it on, nothing happened. Danny's parents dejectedly left and went back upstairs. A few days later Danny was showing his friends the non working ghost portal. His friend Sam convinced him to go inside and have a look. Being the stupid and curious teen he was, he went inside the portal. He put on a hazmat suit and walked inside. He used his left hand to feel the wall to see where he was going because the inside of the portal was dark. Unknowingly, his hand grazed over the internal on off switch and accidentally turned the portal on, with Danny inside. Danny screamed in pain as the energy from the portal electrocuted him and infused his DNA with ghost DNA. His genes mutated and when he stumbled out of the portal, his jet black hair was white like snow and his once ice blue eyes were now glowing neon green like toxic. Danny crumpled to the floor, his body smoking from the portal being turned on with him inside it. Little did Danny know, this was the beginning to his new life as Amity Parks ghost hero. For little more than a year, Danny kept his secret from his parents while attending school and fighting ghosts that invaded Amity Park. After too many close calls with his parents, Danny decided that it would be best to tell his parents the truth. He called his parents and sister Jazz into the living room saying he had something to tell them and it was important. He took a deep breath and confessed to his parents about him being Phantom. His parents laughed and told him that he couldn't be the ghost boy. His sister Jazz was shaking her head trying to get him to stop. This went unnoticed by their parents but not to Danny. He gave her a reassuring smile and let the two blueish white rings form and split into two traveling up and down his body transforming him into the towns hero Phantom. His parents stared wide eyed, jaws opened in shock. They were unresponsive for a few moments. Danny, worried something was wrong, waved his hand in front of his moms face. His mom grabbed him and flipped him onto the floor and twisted his arm behind his back. Danny cried out to his mom asking what she was doing before something pricked his neck making him sleepy. The last thing he heard was his sisters scream and his parents muffled voices. When he woke up he found himself strapped onto a steel table inside an all white room. He looked around and saw tables filled with tools, blades, needles, and chemicals. Danny began to panic and struggle against the cuffs holding him down. He tried to faze through them with his intangibility but he couldn't. Something was blocking his powers.

"Your powers won't work here ghost boy." a voice said. Danny looked up at came face to face with his mom. He struggled even harder demanding what was going on and where he was and what she was doing.

"Isn't it obvious? Your our prisoner. Our new experiment." his father said with a wicked grin on his face. Danny began struggling even more screaming that he was their son and that they couldn't do this. His parents ignored him. Danny's father, no Jack, he refused to call them his parents now, grabbed a muzzle from a table and strapped in on Danny's face making it impossible to speak. Maddie on the other hand grabbed a scalpel from another table. Danny saw the scalpel and his eyes went wide with fear. He began thrashing wildly on the table but the cuffs held him. Maddie came closer and placed the scalpel on his shoulder and made a long and slow cut running from his chest to his mid section doing the same to the other side and from where the cuts meet, she made another incision going down. All this time, Danny's screams were muffled by the muzzle on his face. Tears of pain streamed down his face and his cuts bled red with green since he was part ghost and part of his blood was made up of ectoplasm. The pain was so intense that Danny knew that, somehow, the blades were either dipped, made, or fused with ectoranium which can be deadly to ghosts. This went on for almost an hour until Maddie stitched him up hastily and called for another scientist to drag him to his cell to recover. Before he left, Jack said one last thing to him.

"See you tomorrow ghost boy."

When they arrived at Danny's cell, the GIW agents threw him in making him land painfully on the cold floor. They shut the door and locked it. Danny touched his chest which was covered in fresh blood that gave a slight glow. He staggered to his feet and went intangible and tried to faze through the door but something was stopping him. He gave up trying and collapsed in the middle of the floor.

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Present Time
Danny was being dragged to the white lab room for another experiment as the GIW agents called it.

'More like torture...' Danny thought to himself. He began struggling as they neared the doors to the lab, even though he knows he can't escape. The guards held him tightly and dragged him through the doors and strapped him back onto the table. After he was secured, they muzzled him again and exited the room only for Jack and Maddie to enter.

"Oh stop your struggling you can't feel pain so why fake it?" Maddie said. Danny tried to scream in protest and somehow managed to get the muzzle off.

"I'M YOUR SON! WHY? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!" he screamed at his former parents, his toxic green eyes glowing with anger. He was in ghost form since his human form couldn't go through with this daily torture. He hasn't been in his human form ever since he was taken by the GIW. Maddie and Jack blinked a few times.

"Oh, I guess we never told him." Jack said. Maddie shrugged.

"Your adopted. Your not our son. Your parents died in a trapeze accident. You have a brother but he's probably still sitting in an orphanage. Period." Maddie said. Danny went to say more, but Jack had strapped the muzzle back on his face. The torture began from there. More stabbing, more burning, more cutting open. After about an hour, Danny was close to passing out until he saw Jack hand Maddie what looked like a hacksaw.

"He's got advanced healing. Even when we blinded him, his eyes regenerated. Let's see what happens when we remove a limb." Maddie said sadistically, holding the hack saw in her hands. She inched closer to Danny in a slow and taunting pace. Danny began struggling harder than he ever had before. He screamed, even though the muzzle muted him for the most part. He tried using his powers even though he knew they rendered useless. Just as the spinning blade of the saw made contact with his skin, Danny disappeared from the table only to end up in the extremely high up in the skies somewhere. The sky was sunny and warmed Danny's pale skin. He was shocked.

'Must be a new ghost that Jack and Maddie...' Danny thought to himself. He ripped off the muzzle and began flying but very slowly and at some point, he couldn't keep himself floating. He began slowly sinking, then falling all together. Due to his fatigue and blood loss, Danny loss consciousness and was free falling from the sky.

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