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Details about the AM13 Outbreak series can be found at, but you don't have to read the series to enjoy these novellas set within the same world. I hope you enjoy the zombie apocalypse!

Here is the description for the stories that will be included in this collection:

Outbreak: No one has it worse than Rachael! First her parents make her move to a crappy new town, then Zac starts ignoring her, and just to top everything off...the rumours of a zombie apocalypse seem to have more truth to them than anyone could have imagined!

Quarantine: Katie did not sign up for this when she went to medical school. She's now working as a nurse at one of the specialist medical facilities set up for the AM13 virus. She doesn't want the humdrum of dealing with sick, dying patients every day, she wants to be the hero who finds a cure! As the Lockdown starts, and more people with the virus are bought in, can she keep control of the situation?

Crackdown: Oliver might have a slightly shady past, but he joined the police force to make the world a better place, how was he supposed to know the whole world was going to go to hell? Now, with zombies roaming the earth, he has to try and follow orders, whilst sticking to his (okay maybe newly found) morals and stop his old self from coming back.

One Year On: It's a year into the apocalypse, how are our favourite characters surviving?

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