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Kaden's house^^^


After I dropped Athena off I couldn't hold in my excitement any longer. I drove home at a high speed just to hurry up and tell my parents. Once I was in the driveway I parked the car to hop out. I ran all the way to the pack house at full speed so it only took me like twenty seconds to be standing in front of my parents who looked at me as if I grown to heads.

"Mom, dad, I have some news that would make you so happy." I said in one breath.

"We'll go on and spit it out boy." Mom said as she walked towards me. We were all standing in the living room facing each other.

"Well you said you've both been dying to meet my mate right?" I asked slowly trying to rile them up.

"Kaden just get it over with!." My dad says as he ran a hand through his hair.

I chuckled before answering,"Well I've invited her over for dinner tonight to meet you guys and she said yes." I beamed with happiness.

After I told them that it seemed as if everything went hectic, my mother going on and on about what to make for dinner and what to wear, my dad going on about calling a meeting to let the whole pack know their luna has arrived and to set a whole gathering which made my eyes go wide on that comment.

"No! it just has to be us the pack can't know about this, if they do they will become anxious to meet her which would scare her off, which would cause her to avoid me and I don't want that." I rambled on and on getting scared she might reject me if she found out I live with hundreds of people who can turn into huge wolves.

"Okay son calm down we understand we're just excited to meet her, your our only child you have to understand that." My dad as he pulled mom close to him.

I sighed running a hand down my face, "Yeah sorry guys it's just she mean a lot to me and she doesn't know about the supernatural world, I just don't want her to reject me." I say as I looked down to the floor.

I felt a hand lift my chin up making me look up, it see my mom looking at me with a small smile, "Oh my boy, don't be silly she'll be crazy if she does, if we just take things slow with her I believe she will understand okay? Plus she doesn't even know what to say to actually reject you, so don't worry so much we'll make this dinner simple for her."

"Thanks mom this means everything to me." I say as I pulled her in for hug.

"Well you boys go change I want to make dinner for her, to make sure it's perfect. And don't forget to clear out the pack house." She stated walking up to my dad giving him a peck on the cheek.

"Honey you know you don't have to do that, the pack has chore schedules." My dad stated sighing probably from telling her at least a million times already.

"No I will be cooking for my daughter-in-law not anyone else." She says in demanding tone that mean no arguing.

"Off you go." She says clapping her hands together signaling us off.

Do you get that knot in your stomach with a racing heart when your nervous? Because that's what I'm feeling right now as I'm sitting on my bed looking at the clock.

Six thirty already, Kaden will be here any minute now to take me to meet his parents.

What if I say something stupid? What if they don't like me?.

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