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Chapter: 2

In the morning, after sluggishly crawling out of bed to drag my feet towards my bathroom, I stepped under the hot rays of the shower head and let all the pain and stress from yesterday wash off. After getting dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a plain dark blue t-shirt I ventured downstairs to meet my mom and dad at the dining room table.

I fell into my chair and began to dig into the big plate of hash browns and eggs while my parents talked about their party tonight for work.

"Andy's parents are gonna be there too so you guys can hang out in your room during the party", my mom said as I stood to put my plate in the sink. "Sure", I nodded and continued out the door towards the drive way where my car rested and where Andy was casually leaning against the passenger side.

"Morning, princess", Andy greeted me as I unlocked the car door for both of us to get in. Andy had been calling me 'princess', or 'sleeping beauty', ever since we started hanging out in the second grade because of my long pale bleach blond hair and creamy skin. He said I reminded him of a Disney princess or something.

I, of course, took it as a compliment.

"Are you coming to the party tonight?", I asked Andy as we backed out onto the street, "yeah, I couldn't leave my best friend to suffer alone", Andy answered with a smile, patting my back.

I smiled back, actually meaning it, but the slight skin contact immediately made it disappear as quickly as it had come. From the corner of my eye I could tell Andy saw it too but didn't say anything. The whole rest of the ride we talked mindlessly about school, girls, the game on Friday until we reached the large school building, parking in one of the rare spots at the front of the school.

After slamming the doors shut Andy and I walked side by side towards our usual group of friends sitting at the front of the school building.

Once we got there Andy went to over Melissa, having her immediately pull his head down in a savage kiss while I walked a few feet away to stand next to Jane and Louis.

"That's so unsanitary", Jane stated, sending a disapproving look behind me. "What?", I asked craning my neck to glance behind me but all I saw was Andy's lips still connected to Melissa's as she seated herself in his lap which I quickly diverted my eyes away from to avoid further cracks at my heart.

 "Those two need to stop sucking eachother's tonsils out in public, it's just gross,who wants to choke on someone else's tongue", Jane commented which I had to smile shyly at. "I do", Louis said matter-of-factly from beside her. "That's different, your a whore, of course you do", Jane stated.

Before Louis could reply Jane diverted her attention back to me. "Jay, you see that", Jane pointed behind me back at Andy and Melissa who were still making out only slightly less aggressively. I glanced at them for brief moment, trying to distract myself by focusing on my other friends surrounding them until turning back towards Jane.

"Uhmm", I mumbled. "Don't ever do that to someone my little innocent Disney princess look alike( Jane thought I looked like a princess too)", Jane pleaded.

"I won't ", I promised. The likely hood of me ever doing that with someone was slim to none.

"Good", Jane said, "stay pure forever my golden princess", before the bell rang and everyone shuffled to class.


After a few hours at school, half painfully spent witnessing Andy make a meal out of Melissa's face, the other spent bored to death trying to pay attention to teachers going on and on about meaningless topics, Andy and I retreated to my house to study in my bedroom for the test two days away.

"Jay, can you just let me copy off you like last time", Andy pleaded.

"No, if I did then you'd never learn anything", I stated, trying to focus on the chapter I was reading in my history book. "But I never learn anything anyway", Andy said,closing the book in his lap.

I could feel his stare boring into my head as I tried to avoid meeting it.



"What do you think of me?", Andy asked suddenly, causing me to lift my eyes to stare back at his pale blue eyes boring into mine.

I swallowed but managed to lie, "your my best friend, your like a brother to me". "That's it?", he asked quietly, his voice turning oddly low, like when he whisperer's something into Melissa's ears.

"Yeah", I answered, trying to keep my voice as steady as I could, "that's it". Before I knew Andy was leaning up from his criss cross position on the other side of my bed to close some of the space between us.

"Then I guess it would be wrong for me to do this", he stated huskily before I felt his warm soft lips press against my own. My mind immediately crumbled and the only thing I could focus on was Andy's lips moving against my own in a sweet delicate blissful kiss.

Disappointment filled me when he broke the kiss but all I could do was try to gather my breath and say weakly, "yes, very wrong".

"I thought so", I faintly heard Andy mutter before crashing his lips against mine once again in a aggressive rough kiss.

Andy's tongue invaded my mouth and began to search and explore every nook and cranny of it, earning blind sounds of approvment as he leaned forward so I was beginning to be buried deep in my pillows.  I raked my hands though Andy's dark hair, fisting and tugging tufts of it as he held my hips down when he began rubbing his hard on against my own, causing breath taking friction against out jeans.

Moans escaped my lips and Andy's groans filled the room with them as Andy kept going and going until the only thought I had left was 'too much clothes'.

"Fuck, Jay", I swear I heard Andy curse above me, against my lips. For a nanosecond Andy's lips left mine but before I could panic they were pressed against my collar bone, causing a stronger wave of pleasure to add to the already ocean forming. I began to whimper and wither underneath Andy, barely paying attention to the sound of zippers opening.

When I glanced down I could see Andy grabbing his tall member after pulling down his boxers hastily and I soon felt him taking me in his hand as well, starting to pump us both. Our moans were becoming louder and louder as Andy sped up and his movements becoming more desperate. My hips were bucking into Andy's amazing touch, eager and desperate for more until I could feel myself release into Andy's receiving hand.

Andy soon followed with a final loud grunt.

 He fell beside me on the bed, our deep breaths the only noise as I tried to make sense of what just happened. I glanced at Andy only to have him say huskily , " I would do that again if your parents weren't coming home any second and you didn't look like your about to have a mental breakdown".

I gave him a confused looked before I faintly heard the door click open then slam close downstairs.

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