Tears to Anger

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Damn you, battery!!!


~~~Tyler's POV~~~

Dot's normally warm, chocolate brown eyes were now vacant and lifeless, and I couldn't bear to look at them. So, with tears filling my own eyes, I raised a shaking hand and closed them. It would be poetic to say that now she looked peaceful, but the blood splattered on her face made that observation impossible.

"Fae." Her name came out choked up, and I tried to wipe the steady stream of tears from my eyes. "What are we gonna do?"

"I don't know," Fae replied, her own voice serious and hard, "I really don't know."

I stared down at Dot's pale body, wanting to look away but unable to. The dark red blood staining the entire front of her pale pink blouse and the terrible slash in her neck made Dot look like something out of a horror movie.

"We're almost there, Tyler." I tore my eyes away and squinted through the tears to the road through the front windshield. Sure enough, the pack house was in the distance, and instead of the thought of being near Bo being comforting, it made me want to cry harder. Dot had been with me, as my responsibility, and it was my fault she was dead.

It was all my fault.

As we pulled into the driveway, Bo and Rhett came out laughing and holding some drinks. When they came closer to the car, both of their eyes widened, and I watched the cans of soda fall from their hands. Before we were fully parked, Bo and Rhett were on the car, pulling open the doors.

"What happened?" asked Rhett, and Fae dove into his arms, finally breaking down.

Bo ripped open the door and stared down at Dot's body, completely shocked. "Is she..." his voice trailed off, and he locked eyes with me. I nodded, confirming what he already knew. "No," Bo whispered, and I watched helplessly as he lifted Dot's body gently from the car.

"No!" Bo fell to his knees and pulled Dot's bloody head close to his chest. "No!" The pain in his voice and the way his forehead was pressed to hers made me feel sick. I flung open the car door on my side and stumbled across the lawn. I dropped to my hands and knees and retched and heaved until my stomach clenched and seized, now emptied of its contents.

"Tyler." I felt someone wrap a blanket or something around my body, and I looked up to see Patrick standing there. He helped me stand up, and I wobbled slightly on my unsteady legs. Tears were still cascading down my cheeks, and I didn't think they would ever stop. "You're covered in blood."

"It's Dot's," I replied quietly. Suddenly, I became very aware of the screaming and crying coming from the other side of the car. Forgetting about Patrick, I ran towards the terrible sound and stopped dead in my tracks as I saw the scene in front of me.

Bo was gone, to where I had no idea, and he had been replaced by Stark. I'd never seen a grown man cry, even of the ones who'd been killed in front of me. Stark was sobbing as much as he was making a sound like the mixture of a moan and a howl. It was scary, painful, and sad all at the same time.

Fae was wrapped tightly in Rhett's arms, her head buried into his chest, and Anton stood grimly next to them. Even though he wasn't shedding a tear, Anton was visibly shaken. Almost the entire pack was filing from the house and forming a crowd around their weeping Alpha and his dead daughter.

Many were crying because Dot was loved by all and she was only fourteen; she didn't deserve to die. I found a lot of people staring at me, no doubt wondering what had happened. Some were glaring, knowing what I knew.

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