I woke up early, before my alarm clock. I was eager to get training started, I wanted to get my distance down.

I glanced around to see everybody else still sleeping, so I silently crept into the bathroom and got changed into the Training outfit. I snuck out of the room, and walked to the Dining Room. When I got there I noticed barely anyone was there, just some girls who were almost done eating. They to were in their Training outfits. I walked to the buffet and fixed myself cereal with some exotic fruit that I liked.

I took a seat near the back, where Lorelei usually sits, and where I sit with her somedays. I ate quickly, but not to quickly so I didn't throw up later.

Once I finished I got up and headed towards the Training Room. I passed by their table, and they were all snickering and looking at me. One of them tried to trip me, but I got out of the way before she could.

"So, slut, who's your boyfriend now? Jarid? West?" The blonde one snickered.

"No, your mom." I said.

"Don't you know that is like SOO old?" The brunette asked, sneering.

"Yeah, and I know you'll be the first I'm going to kill." I told her, walking away.

"How? You piece of dirt, you can't throw a rock!" The blonde said, lauging and high-fiving Sneer Girl. I rolled my eyes, and stil walking away I grapped a knife out of the knife bin in the kitchen and threw it at her. It whizzed past her head and landed on the table, in the middle of where her drink cap is. I grinned, and kept walking.

"You sure, sista?" I asked, leaving the room to start training. I spun around at spit at them. They weren't even looking at me, they were staring at the knife in the table wih shocken faces. Bet no one has ever thrown a knife at them before. Ha.

I noticed my trainer was already there, and I went over and hugged him. We had gotten to know each other yesterday, and he helped me a lot. His name was Kenneth I figured out. He handed me my knife, and motioned over to a target at the other side of the room. I sighed, and got into my stance. I closed my eyes, only seeing the target, I swung my arm back and threw it at the target. It hit the middle of the bulls eye. I grinned, and took a step back. I glanced at Kenneth.

"Well... that was good. Um. Wow you're better then you're letting anybody see, huh? Okay. I'll make a deal. Show me how well you can throw it, and I'll act as you can't throw during the class where people wil be watching us. Okay?" He asked, still startled at how good I was.

"Okay!" I responded, racing to the other corner of the room. I had spotted a circle on the wall yesterday, in the top corner. I got ready, and threw the knife up there.

It hit the exact middle of the circle. I jumped onto the rope that hung from the ceiling, and started swinging on it. It swung higher and higher, until  could reach the knife. I grabbed it, and swung back down. I jumped off, and handed the knife back to Kenneth as he stood there, gaping.

I smiled sweetly, and heard the doors opening. The girls who asked me the questions earlier came in, and I flashed them my smile. They shuddered, and went to the camoflauge station. I laughed out loud, and went over to the weight station.

"Hi! I'm Avee. I'm a beginner, what should I start with?" I asked the trainer.

"Lets go for the 50 bench press. Let me show you how to use it..." He trailed off, and showed me how to use it. I layed down, and he stood behind me as my spotter to make sure I didn't get hurt. I lifted it up with ease, and gave him a look. He laughed, and gave me the 75. I was a storng girl, and I lifted it up with less ease. I smiled, and nodded my head to the music.

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