Chapter 12 | | Trying to Stay Low-Key but Ending Up With No Key

Suddenly, I came back to my senses and snapped out of it while his face was coming closer to mine. Before he could place his lips on mine, I turned my head down and cleared my throat. He stopped leaning closer , looking down and then back at me.

"I-I forgot my phone.", I mumbled, passing him without daring to look at him.

My mind was completely messed up. We nearly kissed. Oh my God. I almost kissed Noah Evans. The boy I hated for an eternity. Grabbing my phone, I headed for the door but my body was brought to a halt by Noah gripping my arm tightly.

"Let me drive you home. It is too late for you to walk alone late at night.", his grip became tighter. My attempts to escape his grip was in vain as he was way stronger than me.

"I'm serious.", he insisted and I let out a sigh. "My mom will be home any minute, I'll drive you then."

I agreed reluctantly, trying not show how uncomfortable I felt.

After 10 minutes his mom had arrived and we went to the car.

The ride was really awkwardly silent but I was used to it since this is was not the first time. What if Noah and I had kissed ? I could've prepared myself for a big, fat "I told you so" from Paula. Looking for my phone, I rummaged around my bag as I realized that I had the wrong key with me.

"Shoot.", I murmured, causing Noah's head to snap at me. "What ?"

"I don't have my keys with me. Seems like I have to sleep outside today...", Noah left out a chuckle and pulled over to the right.

"You can sleep with me...I mean not literally with me...I mean at my house...I sleep in one bed and you...", his stammering caused me to laugh.

"Yeah, I get it thanks.", he blushed and turned his head away from me. Cute.

I thought about calling Paula but I decided against it since it is already late and it would be more than unnecessary.

"I guess I do not have any other choice.", I smiled, nodding in agreement.

I texted my mom, told her I would be at a friend's house because I forgot my keys and we drove back to Noah's. While driving back, we did not talk that much either but the silence was more bearable. It was not awkward and there was no kind of tension in the car. It did not seem like we did not talk because we haven't had something to talk about, but because we chose to.

"I'm sorry.", Noah suddenly blurted out. I turned my head towards him, looking surprised.

"For what ?", his gaze did not budge from the street.

"For Mary's behaviour. I don't know what has gotten into her but she had no right to talk to you like that."

"It's fine. She is a bitch, I really did not expect anything less from her. Besides, this is not the first time people tend to insult me just in order to boost their ego."

"Are you sure ? Her words were pretty harsh. She treated you like a maid.", he asked with a worried expression on his face."Yes.", I gave him a reassuring smile and looked out of the window. I thought about telling him about the little conversation I have overheard but I decided not to do so. As far as I know Jessica and her retinue are just going to pull pranks on us which means we have to be more careful than usually. I do not consider it as urgent to bother him with that much of an unimportance.


I woke up in the middle of night. I snapped my head around, not being aware of my whereabouts until I realized that I was at Noah's house. The urgent need of fresh air caused me to get up and open the window. Inhaling the fresh air calmed me down and I enjoyed the beautiful view I had on the sky. Suddenly, I heard a weird noise coming from the room next to mine. I cautiously opened my door and the noises became louder. They came from Gracie's room. I tiptoed to her door, opened it and saw her widely turning around. She was whining and mumbled words I could not understand. In utter shock, I headed to her bed as fast as I could, trying to wake her up.

"Gracie! Gracie!", I tried to wake her up.

"Mommy!", she screamed and started crying. I took her into my arms. "Shhh, everything is fine. I'm here.", tears where streaming down her face. By breathing heavily she almost choked.

Suddenly, the door swung open, the light lit up and Noah was standing in the door frame. "Gracie! Are you ok ?", she calmed down, still not being able to control her breathing.

"Where is mommy ?", she whined. "She needed to go back to the hospital, honey. Calm down. Everything is fine.", she tried to soothe her.

"I'm sorry. She often has this nightmares which make her cry and scream."

"Don't be. It's not her fault.", I comforted him, still having her tightly in a hug.

"Are you fine ?", Gracie just nodded and I let her go off of my hug, about to stand up but she held my wrist tightly.

"Stay. Please stay. ", she begged us. I looked at Noah, giving me an approving look.

"How does it feel when your dreams finally come true. I mean, you have the honour to sleep in a bed together with Noah Evans. That is something every girl would die for.", he grinned and laid down on the right hand side of Gracie.

"Every girl but me.", I answered, faking a smile and making myself comfortable on the other side of Gracie. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, hun.", he winked and turned around.

I just rolled my eyes and placed my head on the comfortable pillow. When will he ever stop with those comments ? I guess the answer is never. Sometimes this boy has bipolar tendencies which really start to freak me out.

Before I could continue that thought, my mind drifted away and I fell asleep.


The splendid smell of pancakes slowly caused me to open my eyes. As realized that I was the only person left in the bed, I stretched and got up quickly. The door swung open and a shirtless Noah was appearing in the door frame. Despite the fact that he is a conceited asshole most of the time, his body is the least you could complain about.

I must have been staring a little too obvious, as he let out a little chuckle. "You like what you see ?"

"Actually, I do. Could you turn around. I was not able to examine your back yet.", his cocky smirked turned into a vacant look. He definitely didn't see that coming. Well, if you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.

Before he could react, I was already out of the room, following the smell of pancakes downstairs. Gracie was sitting on the table playing with her food and Olivia stood in the kitchen in front of the range.

"Good morning, dear. Would you like some pancakes ?", she smiled friendly. I nodded. " I would love to.", she gave me a plate with pancakes and I started eating.

These are delicious. Another second without food and I would have starved to death. I was enjoying my food until I realised that Olivia's gaze hasn't budged from me since I was eating.

"Are you and Noah a couple ?", I almost choked on my food and started coughing heavily. "What ? No !", she cocked one eyebrow, looking at me like I was a crime suspect.

"Normally, a girl enters this house once and then never again. I know you were babysitting Gracie but I did not expect to stay until morning. Do not get me wrong, I definitely like you unlike those others characters he lets into this house. I'm just surprised because that never has happened before.", she shrugged.

"Oh, I just stayed here because I forgot my keys at home. I do not think that this will ever happen again, except when I will babysit Gracie again.", I said and her mouth slightly formed into a grin. " I'm not so sure about that, honey.", she turned around, facing the range again.

Innuendos. Innuendos everywhere. What is it with those innuendos. Either I'm totally oblivious or everyone around me is just acting totally weird.

What is going on in here ?!


Cameron Diaz as Olivia Evans

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