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Okay, so this is going to be about something specific from a scene way back from now like 1 or 2 years ago, I don't know.

I remember this scene very well.

It was in a serial called "Jamai Raja". I don't know what the heck was the story but it doesn't matter anyway.

So the scene was that there was a party going on and as a special guest, few "Japanese people" were called for the party. So called Japanese people, yeah.

Why do I say so? Because they don't know shit about Japanese!

The people who were given the role had Mongolian facial feature or you can call it Asian look but wasn't looking much like Japanese. But that wouldn't matter if they knew Japanese.

What they spoke was literally like someone trying to speak a language for the first time!

I know this because more than half of my life was spent in Japan and I know Japanese very well.

Most of the people who watched that scene might not have noticed if they didn't know Japanese, but that doesn't mean you can just say whatever.

That was so freaking annoying!!!

If you're making a serial or a scene on any topic, just do a bit of a research or just don't include it at all if you don't have time for a little research.

It's like you trying to act smart and as if you know everything and say something like "yeah she had anorexia and she used to eat a lot,"

There might be people who don't know what anorexia is. But what they will think from this is that it might be something related to eating disorder that people eats a lot when in reality, its just complete opposite.

I seriously hope there's no one like this, but some people actually believes what goes in serial is true. That's how it goes. So get your facts right!!!

This was kinda off topic, but the thing is same. Okay, whatever.

I'm seriously hoping someone from Indian serial industry related person is reading this and even if they wont read this, they will come to know what people think about those serials and do bit of a change at least.

So if you see any interesting topic to put on this book, please suggest me. It can be specific scene from any serial, any general topic, anything. It will be helpful because I'm kinda running out of ideas lately.

Until we meet next time :)

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