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"Why in the world would you even think of going for therapy, Namik? I don't see a fault in your stars unlike this guy sitting around here, living a lavish lifestyle, who actually is in the right place for therapy instead!!' Sanjay looked at Namik for an answer. Rohan, on the other hand, elbowed him and hit him hard.

"What's your problem,huh, Sanjay??And at which angle do you think therapy so called suits me??Am I that abnormal to you??"

"Why do you two feel so offensive just at the thought of therapy??Sanjay,Rohan..Just listen up,ok? There are certain things in my life that's bothering me. And perhaps...."

"Perhaps what, Namzy? You'll spend thousands of Indian rupees over some sessions when you could just destress yourself, declutter your mind and just relax? Trust me, you don't need any...Why yaar?Ok we are your best buds, right?? You can confide in us about anything that's bothering you. Spit it out, come on.."

"By the way, I'll have to agree with Sanjay on this, Namik. Come on yaar, you're rolling in dollars..Bestow upon us a share of the money instead of just spending it away on useless conversations with a stranger therapist who basically can't be trusted with your secrets, if you have any from us...."

Ñamik was rather amused by the social banter that was going on in Rohan's flat, where the trio chose to hang out on weekends, when Namik was free from his music concerts, radio shows and compositions.

"Zip it, you guys. I just want to experience therapy for a change. Don't you two know how often I travel? It is not bringing in any significant changes for me and that's why I'm asking..In fact, beseeching your help to please get an efficient psychotherapist maybe who can help me.'

'So, you've decided you're not gonna tell us??(Rohan looked at Sanjay and back at Namik) In that case, you listen to me, Namik Arora...We are not gonna help you either, what say Sanjay??'

'Ditto Ro!! Sorry bro, I'm not on your side this time round!!!'

'Fine dudes, then these backstage passes to the pop music carnival is out for you guyz!!'

'Are those what I think they are??' Namik flashed a wide smug smile on his face and Sanjay pushed Rohan onto the sofa and pounced on him like an angry werewolf. Namik took a photo of the guys, laughing his ass off. He walked over and pulled their ears, putting a ceasefire to their bickering. He ordered them to sit poles apart and placed before them the tickets on the table.

'Finally some peace at last. Sanjay, you're a lawyer but I had no inkling there was a beast inside the innocent soul of your's. Anyways, look closely at these tickets cuz these are gonna disappear in a jiffy. All I need is an excellent therapist and you'll get these passes to meet Coldplay!!! You really wanna miss out on that?? I don't think so, Ro!!!'

'Fine!! I'll get to that..' Rohan got interrupted by Sanjay.

'Why? Weren't you the one against therapy in the beginning??And literally pleading for money from Namik..Uh-uh Namik, please give us a share and what not?' Sanjay raised his eyebrow at Rohan who just grew exasperated.

'And you're so innocent, right?? Mr Lawyer, you started this whole thing first and now you're blaming me??'

'Look at the table, guyz....'

'Damn it, Rohan!!'

'Ok Namik, Sanjay and I will come up with a hot, efficient therapist for you, ok? Sounds cool?? But first..'

'No buts...Get me the best therapist in town and you'll get these tickets..Got it?? Now, excuse me while I use your washroom'.

'Ok that was a bad idea to stop Namik'

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