❁Conceal the Tattoo❁

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The credit for this chapter goes to funnyboneslol. Thank you!

So this one is from serial named "Chandra Nandini" (I hope I spelt that correct)

There's nothing wrong for the cast member to have tattoo and its nothing wrong to flash them on the shows. But it depends on what kind of shows you're doing.

This serial seems like it is based on the ancient Indian stuff (that's what I think). I have never seen this serial before but just one look and that's kinda obvious. And guys don't have tattoo in that era let alone woman!

So now take a look at this:

So now take a look at this:

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That is so freaking obvious!!! And its not like its a glimpse of the tattoo. Its the whole bunch of tattoo showing up!

Dear makeup artists, have you heard of something called concealer?

Even someone like me who never ever do makeup other than liner knows what's concealer. Yeah, learn to use that. If you can't afford it, just retake that bit of scene again with covering the tattoo. But I don't think its not affordable as I see the amount of jewellery used in the serial.

So just freaking do something about it!!

How could no one from the editing department of the serial notice these blunder!?

Gosh -_-

If you get any glimpse of these kind of errors or you have any chapter idea, please PM me or comment! That would be really helpful.

AND!!! This book of nonsense almost reached 500 reads! Thank you for taking your time to read this!

Until we meet next time :)

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