Chapter 2

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John lead him up the steps of 221b and into the living room where he then took Sherlock to the bathroom and made him sit on top of the toilet lid whilst John fetched his medical kit and then began to shuffle through it.

First John got some cotton wipes and cleaned around Sherlocks nose, discarding the bloody tissue and seeing that it had thankfully stopped bleeding.

John cleaned the blood from around his nostrils and Sherlock could feel the clotted blood still crinkling in his nose, the smell making him feel slightly nauseous but he ignored it because he knew that wouldn't help matters. Sherlocks face was soon blood free and John discarded of the dirty wipes, sitting back in front of Sherlock and going through his case again.

Then John took some cotton which he then doused in alcohol and then gently cleaned the split in his lip, Sherlock winced as John worked, but didn't make any sound of pain.

John lifted a curl out of Sherlocks eyes once he was done with cleaning the cut and then took some cream which he put a small dot on his finger before lifting it to Sherlocks lip and rubbing it on the wound to save it from infection and help it heal, Sherlock blushed lightly at the way John had touched him but didn't comment on it, swallowing down his blush.

Once John was finished he leaned back away from Sherlock to admire his handiwork and nodded happily before going to Sherlocks room and fetching a clean shirt because he decided Sherlock couldn't wear his current one covered in grime and dirt and blood. He'd decided to grab Sherlock a simple t-shirt so that he would be comfortable.

John approached Sherlock who was almost dozing off from exhaustion, John chuckled and went up to the detective and began to unbutton his shirt for him and slipping it off the detectives sagged shoulders and then guiding his arms back through into the t-shirt and pulling the soft material over his mop of chocolate curls.

The detective let his head drop further down his chest and his arms were wrapped around himself, eyes closed and before he could fall onto the floor John had scooped him up and grabbed Sherlocks coat, carrying him down to the pavement again and hailing a cab where he gently slid Sherlock into a seat and did up his seatbelt for him before sliding in himself to the middle seat so he could keep an eye on the man beside him.

Sherlock leaned into the door seeking comfort and nuzzled his face against the cold glass before pulling away with a small whine and leaning his head back against the headrest, tshirt stretched taut over his ribs and showing each groove.

The doctor smiled at the man on his left as he pulled an arm around Sherlocks shoulders, letting him lean against him, grabbing the discarded coat and pulling it over him as a blanket to keep him warm in the cold seats of the cab.

Sherlock whimpered in his sleep and John ran a hand through the detectives hair, ruffling the curls then smoothing them back down, silky against his skin,  a small chuckle escaped Johns lips when he found a twig in the mess of curls along with a few bits of gravel and dirt which he picked out carefully and dropped unceremoniously on the floor.

Sherlock woke after a while on the way to the hospital and stretched his arms out above his head with a quiet yawn.

"Should have let me have him John, I needed more data!" Sherlock whined, clenching his jaw, when John argued against, opening his mouth again suddenly as pain shot through his jaw. Sherlock lifted a hand to his mouth and he could feel his swollen lip against the palm of his hand and he groaned in annoyance of how easily he was injured.

"Probably not your smartest move Sherlock, don't talk too much until we've got you to a dentist" John advised, leaning closer and lifting Sherlocks upper lip so he could look at the bothersome tooth. It was chipped on one corner and John felt like going back over there and beating the sh--

"John how long 'til we get there" Sherlock yawned, the adrenaline long gone and all he wanted to do was sleep, he pulled his coat back up to his chin and nuzzled the collar with his nose as his breath blew back on his face warm and comfortable.

They arrived at the hospital after a little while and John nudged Sherlock to get out of the cab and stood next to him outside the hospital building, as white on the outside as it was on the inside.

They walked to the reception, Johns hand gently pressed flat against the small of Sherlocks back, leaving Sherlock with a slight pink tinge to his alabaster skin.

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