When you're gone

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Vaughn is laying on the couch when I get home, he looks up when I walk through the door

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Vaughn is laying on the couch when I get home, he looks up when I walk through the door. "Hey." I greet him, laying my bag near the door.


"Did Vance come home?"


I nod, even though he's not looking at me anymore. "Mom and dad in bed?"

"Dad went up. Mom's in the kitchen."

I walk straight through and find my mom sitting at the dinner table, her recipe box and small cards all over the table. She looks up when I approach, "Hey hunny." she greets me with a warm smile. "How was your weekend?" I can feel the heat rise on my neck, "It was good. What are you doing?" I point at all the note cards.

"Ah,looking for your great grandma's tiramisu recipe."

I pull out a seat, plopping down and place my head on top of my hands, mom pauses her movements and looks at me. "Everything alright?"

I sigh, "Not really."

"Can't read your mind baby, gonna have to spit it out."

"Vance found out about me and Chase."

"Hmm" she hums, "And I take it he wasn't happy."

"No, He was really mad. It was a little scary."

"Vance has always been a little hot headed, his temper always getting him in trouble. He was also the most sensitive out of you all. Perhaps this is why he reacts to things much more passionately than you or you brothers."

I scoff, "Yeah right, Vance, sensitive? I find that hard to believe."

"Welp, it's true. Just consider how this may have hurt him."

I ponder on that a bit, my mom goes back to looking through her cards. Is Vance mad because of Chase dating me? Or because we went behind his back? Is he scared that I'll take away his best friend? Something I would never do. I couldn't imagine if Jeremy isolated Taylor away from me, I'd be devastated. Vance has always been a pain in my ass, scaring every guy who dares even to look at me. He'd have to know that I'd meet someone eventually. He knows Chase better than anyone, and his words from earlier come back. "Chase is just like me." While I know Chase has had his flings, I've never seen him treat a girl poorly. Unfortunately, Shannon pops up into my mind. I don't want to think about her, or what she shared with Chase, but there's no doubt they hooked up. It was before we started talking, but he pushed her to the side like she was yesterdays dirty laundry. No, I'm not going to go there. He's never treated me badly.

"AHHA!" my mom yells out, making me jump. "I found it!"

I laugh, "Great Mom, I'm gonna go up and take a shower."

"Alright baby, love you." I lean in to kiss her on the cheek and head up to my room.


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