Itachi lemon

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S rank rouge in the akatsuki
Age:17 (Itachi is 18)
Looks: Short and small figure, long black hair that reaches her mid back, under her cloak is normal ninja pants and a plain black shirt
Crush: Itachi

Matsuri POV
I let out a shaky moan I felt his younger trace my neck finding my soft spot. I felt his member poke at my entrance as I let out another moan. As he started to thrust I held on to his muscular shoulders.

"ah Itachi" he picks up his speed and I feel myself reaching my orgasm.

I shot up shaking and with a gasp. I look around my room to see nobody there.
"it was just a dream" I tell my self aloud slightly disappointed. I was so turned on from that dream i needed a release. I strip and lay back on my bed as my right hand slowly traces down my body making it's way to my heated core. I let out a small moan as I start to stroke feeling my wetness. Slowly I slipped a finger in and started moving, slowly adding a second and third finger.

"Itachi. Mhmmm" I moaned out as I picked up the pace. Feeling the urge to scream out I bit my lip till it was 2:00am and Itachi was in the other room. I feel like I'm being watched. I stop moving my fingers to and see a pair of red eyes in the corner of the room. I blushed so red it put Gaara's hair to shame. I see the figure move out of the shadows to reveal.....ITACHI!!!! And omg he has a BONER. I was completely frozen. 'Did he hear me moan his name?' His figure slowly made his way to my bed. HE WAS SHIRTLESS! I could  feel myself drool at his toned and muscular chest.

"Like what you see" he says with the classic Uchiha smirk. I couldn't help but blush and nod. He suddenly disappears! 'Where is he' I am instantly pinned to the bed with the Uchiha on top. He leans in and kisses me passionately as his hands trace my body. I break the kiss to let out a moan as he rubs my clit.

"Ahhh Itachi" my hands run down his chest loving the feeling of his muscles. My hands reach the hem of his pants and push them down. He helps and kicks them off. He left butterfly kisses down my body as I gasp. His head disappears but then I moan out as I feel him lick my core.

"Ah Itachi p-please just fuck me a-already"

he looks me in the eyes and says "with pleasure". He suddenly thrusts into my heated core and I let out a scream of pleasure. He goes at a fast and rough pace while kissing me everywhere. I have never felt so loved before. And definitely haven't had sex this good. I could feel my self getting close.

"A-ah I-I-Itachi I'm c-close"

"Me too" he says in between his grunts and groans.

"ITACHI" I cried out as I orgasmed. As his thrusts got sloppier he starts to grunt loudly. With a loud moan I felt his seed fill me up. He pulls out and lays down next to me pulling up the blankets. His arms wrap around me laying his head on chest.



"I love you"

"I love you too"

"Hn, I know now go to sleep"

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