Who Would Have Thought Part 4.

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We walked to the food place and ordered our stuff. We sat waiting for it taking a few pictures with fans. I took my last picture with a fan and walked back to the guys.

Tyga:"You still didn't answer our question"He said. I sighed and sat down looking at them.

Y/n:"What was the question again?"I asked.

Abel:"Do you like Hailey?"He asked. I looked down making them laugh.

Y/n:"Maybe...."I said. They all looked at me and smirked. I sighed"Alright fine! I like her but..."I said trailing off.

Zayn:"But what?"He asked.

Y/n:"I have big hopes here guys...it's Hailey Baldwin"I said. They looked at me and chuckled.

Tyga:"You're Y/n Y/l/n"He said.

Zayn:"Yeah come on Mrs Steal your girl...where's the fire"He said making me chuckle.

Y/n:"You guys are crazy"I said. We heard our order being called out and went to grab our stuff.

Abel:"We know"He said. I chuckled and walked back to our seats. I sat down next to Hailey and handed her the popcorn and sweets.

Hailey:"Thanks Y/n/n"She said. I smiled and nodded. I looked at Kendall and handed her a packet of gummy bears making her smile.

Kendall:"Aww you remember..."She said. I chuckled and opened the packet.

Y/n:"Kenny I've know you for my whole life...of course I remember"I said making her laugh and take the packet. The game started and I made myself comfortable by putting my arm around Hailey and having some popcorn.

Hailey:"Smooth Y/n/n"She said. I smirked and took a sip of my coke.

Y/n:"Thanks love...want some?"I asked offering my coke. She smiled and took it having a sip. I couldn't help but stare at her in awe. She looked so beautiful with just a simple outfit doing simple things.

Hailey:"Whatcha thinking about?"She asked putting my coke down and moving closer to me. I smirked and adjusted a little more so there was a small gap between us.

Y/n:"How lucky I am to have a beautiful modal sitting right next to me"I said making her blush. I chuckled and smiled at her.

Hailey:"Do you always do this to Kendall and Kylie's friends?"She asked. I shook my head and gave a big smile.

Y/n:"No,You're different"I said. She looked at me and studied my face.

Hailey:"I'm different?"She asked. I nodded and went by her ear.

Y/n:"Yeah and I like different"I said in her ear. I felt her shiver making me smirk and pull away. 

Hailey:"God now wonder people love you"She said making me look at her. Her eyes went wide and she covered her mouth.

Y/n:"Hmm and what do you me by that love?"I asked. She looked down and blushed.

Hailey:"Nothing..."She said. I lifted her chin and pouted at her.

Y/n:"Tell me"I said. She giggled and pushed my face away playfully.

Hailey:"You think I'm gonna tell you if you give me that cute pout"She said. I smirked at her.

Y/n:"My cute pout?"I asked making her blush.

Hailey:"Well you are cute...."She mumbled. I smiled big like a kid in a candy store and lifted her chin up.

Y/n:"Well thank you.."I said. She looked down"oh and you're cute to"I said making her blush harder. I chucked and turned my attention back to the game.

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